Expanding on the "Personalities" Idea for AI

Hey! I'm fairly new to planet coaster and forum posting in general so I'll try to keep this post simple.

I just wanted to expand on the idea circling around for enhanced AI with preset personalities which impact their actions. I think it would add a good touch of realism (without taxing the cpu too much) to make the many guests distinguishable from each other. Here's just a quick little brain vomit for personalities.

Main Attributes:
DareDevil :
-Likes the fast and crazy rides, even the ones most others don't want to go on
-Attracted to high fear and thrill rides

Nature Lover :
-Loves some great scenery
-Attracted to areas/rides with more scenery

Cuisinist (Is that a word?)
-Consumes mass quantities of the foodies
-Attracted to food/drink stands

Bore (rare)-
-Doesn't like to do much
-Typically follows group around and waits for them to get off rides

Ride Addict-
-Will go on any ride, multiple times
-Atteacted to all rides

-Likes to go on the slow and relaxing rides
-Attracted to slow rides

Secondary attributes:
Queasy-Gets sick much easier on rides

Bargainer-Likes very low prices

Impatient-Will leave que lines if they wait too long and avoid long lines

Park Resident-Spenda an extra long amount of time in the park before leaving

If it doesn't affect performance too much, having groups/families split up to seek their own interests would be cool

Thanks for reading, suggestions welcome!
I'd like a more visual representation on what the guest brain is. Adding types would give a lot. It make it easier for someone to be more creative with rides. at this moment over a fear of 7 I can't get anyone to ride. Allowing people with personas and give them several difference tollearances would go along way. Especailly getting to see it on a peep when they walk in.
I actually like this idea quite a bit, particularly because I like to see ideas that create potential for more variety in the management/career side aspect of the game. By controlling the proportion of guest types that come in, different scenarios could call for very different styles of parks, and having the percentages show up in the park management section gives the player much more tangible evidence that decisions actually make a difference.

For example, a scenario where most guests are impatient ride addicts calls for many small rides, whereas a park with mostly "dare devils" calls for a few, large intense rides (a la Extreme Heights from RCT2).

Additionally, marketing campaigns could have more depth be appealing to different personalities to impact in-flow, giving more depth than the teen/family/adult system.

Not to get off topic, but I guess the bigger issue for me (as someone who likes the career kind of stuff the best) is that despite the different landscapes and objectives in each scenario, the actual methodology to expanding the park can be a bit repetitive, and that ultimately having a large park beats most of the goals in the game (i.e. park value, ride profits, park rating, number of guests, etc).
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