Expanding the scope of the Thargoids

Right now the Thargoids feel too detached from the normal flow of the game and hardly feel like an alien invasion that has all of humanity concerned. I think that the effects of the Thargoid invasion should be felt throughout the human bubble and not just be confined to optional fights in some systems. To this end, i'd like to suggest the following ideas:-

1. While Interceptors may be too much for most newer players, i'd like to suggest that more non interceptor variants be introduced into the game to allow for non-AX fitted ships to have some way of contributing and create more things to fight below the Interceptor level.
2. Hazardous (non combat) missions focused around the Thargoid affected areas of space may be added, which would require the pilots to brave hyperdictions and Thargoid attacks to deliver goods for high pay. These would be available from factions all over the galaxy; from superpower affiliated factions providing supplies and weapons, to unaffiliated factions offering humanitarian assistance.
3. Make gimballed AX multicannons and missiles available to make at least non interceptor combat open to a wider gamut of players and make it more feasible to do missions in Thargoid affected space. Gimballed variants also make sense as tracking turreted variants of these weapons are already available.
4. Make at least non interceptor Thargoids affect greater areas of space so that players can more easily bump into these ships; i would like to suggest the addition of a non interceptor unarmed variant that would accompany small groups of marauders/scouts and hyperdict players (and prevent them from escaping within a certain range). Such minor hyperdictions could happen over a larger swathe of space than just the interceptor hyperdictions.

These are my suggestions for making the Thargoid invasion feel better and more significant.
What we urgently need:
1. Weekly Thargoid offensive/defensive CGs. They were rare but really popular, Trade/BH CGs are getting old seriously.
2. Galmap/Galnet showing current Thargoid presence. It was shown on the trailer but it is not in game. Galmap version would be much more informative IMO.
3. Thargoid CZs in high Thargoid presence and/or AX CGs mentioned above.
4. AX NPCs hunting Thargoids. Players can drop in and assist.
5. More aggressive Thargoid attacks. They don't need to be lethal but they should raise awareness. Such as Scout Hyperdictions and Scouts spawning outside of stations.
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Basically, the Thargoids need to be less optional overall. Right now, the effects of the 'invasion' feel like a complete sideshow that can be easily ignored by most players. This was seemingly done as Interceptors may be felt to be too powerful for most players to handle, not to mention requiring specialist weapons.

However, with the introduction of non interceptor variants like the marauders, I think that the effects of the Thargoids should be expanded to create an area of space that will offer both the biggest risks (in the form of Thargoid attacks and hyperdictions) and the best opportunities (through hazardous missions), where the players would find themselves under constant attacks and hyperdictions; which would prompt high paying missions.

Interceptors could remain big threats that would be hard to engage, but other variants should be used more offensively IMO. We could even get a slow and unarmed variant that prevents ships from high and low waking in an effected area; this could be accompanied by groups of scouts to really make these areas of space dangerous as well as lucrative.
I agree with the above ideas, in addition please consider bringing back the Thargoid smuggling missions. Ironic that a bug made for some of the most challenging and rewarding (and risky) smuggling missions ever!

Also please can the Thargoid hunting mission USSs be fixed so they spawn easily and have the correct Thargoid in them I.e not a probe instead of a Basilisk.
Please make the Goid hunting missions available from station and bases with a Thargoid presence. Also please can we have a fixed ‘Aegsis’ Faction on the Agesis megaships as ranking back up with the local factions each time ruins the sense of continuity as an experienced Aegsis Xeno Hunter.
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