Expedition Glacier - Intamin Dual Launch, Switch Track Coaster

Expedition Glacier

A new coaster premiering on December 31st. A team of researching is planning an expedition to investigate the surrounding area and see if they can find clues about the origins of these curious mountains. It is believed that the the answers are at the top of the glacier. However it is very steep and no one has been able to reach it. The researching team is planning on being the first ones to get there. Join them on their adventure and reach the top of the glacier.

But for now our team of researchers require a team and are promoting their expedition to try to get volunteers.


Are you ready to join the researchers and explore the mountains to learn more about its origin? Expedition Glacier is ready to take place at December 31st

FIrst off we have to define the route that will be most efficient for our investigation. We don't want Expedition Glacier to fail do we?

Setting up the power and charging our batteries to make sure that our equipment doesn't give up on us during Expedition Glacier

You can sign up here:


More about this expedition will be published tomorrow.
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Make sure to pull on some warm clothes and some good shoes. The glacier is very slippery and we don't want to slide backwards do we? Expedition Glacier is about to commence on December 31st.

We don't know if we'll be able to reach the top off the glacier. But not to worry we've build a failsafe. Expedition Glacier is almost finish as we're storing provisions in our vehicle.

Weatherforecast for tomorrow: Possible snow, dense fog and the temperatures to max -10°C. We're good to go, now get a good rest cause today is going to be an intense adventure.

You can sign in for this expedition here:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyQIAHgV1X8&feature=youtu.be

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