Expedition VI: The Longest Journey

Day 1 - Quick farewell - 64.43Ly from Sol

- Are you completely insane!? - Lori was steaming with anger - you truly do not have enough.. what if the safety did not work?
I reached out and put my hand slowly over her shoulder.. I looked deeply into her eyes
- Do you really not understand? - I asked calmly
- Oh, I do.. believe me I do - she removed my hand abruptly - your insanity cannot be cured

Few seconds of very inconvenient silence

- I prepared the ship you asked for.. to the specs you requested - short sigh - I checked all the safety I possibly could.. I still want you to come back

- Lori.. I know how much you care about every single stellar pilot you help going out there - I smiled gently - This is what you do.. you help and care.. and you are the best in it. And then.. it's on us
- I know.. - her face was pale, could not really say if it was sadness or anger
- Just wish me luck.. that's it - I said
Lori saluted slowly.. there was not a shade of a smile on her face
- Whatever you gotta do Commander - she turned around and walked away slowly
I shrugged and walked towards the hangar.. "Soledad" was waiting for me..

I have unfinished business with Ishum's Reach.. my last expedition ended with a disaster.. I thought about it and I decided not to give up.. I am going to try on more time..
Time for me to go.....

Little history of those who decided to stretch the galaxy (at least as much as I know about it)

On 25th Oct 3303 I stretched the size of the Galaxy by supercruising beyond Ishum's Reach 65,652Ly from Sol.. at the same time beating the old record of 65,649Ly by Cmdr Schumy
On 13th Jan 3304, after 249 hours of cruising this limit was stretched even more.. I crossed the marker of 65,705Ly from Sol
On 1st Jun 3304 the record got busted by Cmdr Keef Drow refueled by Cmdr Major Klutz... 9 more.. 65,714Ly from Sol
On 13th Oct 3304 disaster stroke my Expedition V: The Black Void.. undocumented 92.1Ly beyond.. 65,739.44Ly
On 15th Oct 3304 Cmdr Darivs Architectvs refueled by Cmdr EtherealCereal destroyed all of the previous records by cruising 121Ly beyond.. which is 65,768.44Ly from Sol

There is at least one more Commander cruising into the deep darkness of the void.. and I need some closure, even if not with the new record but after what happened to DEL-77 Rocinante.. I do not even want to think about it..

There is some history of this challenge and I probably now only a part of it, but I consolidated all the attempts that I know of:




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First of all, thank you Commanders LifesAJourney, Orvidius and Spaceman Si (in order of appearance) for continuous support and being ones of the few not calling me a complete idiot :)

Lori's right. You're utterly crazy. :D

Going to break the record without refueling? :eek:

This is not really about the record this time.. I wasted so much time and failed so miserably, that I really need to make it even..
Discipline is the key.. not to get too excited and too cocky and arrogant..

There is a T9 by Cmdr SpallBoy in the area traveling.. the record is already shaking ;)

no comments here :X

Right on, commander!

Get back out there :)

God speed, and good wishes. o7

Thanks a lot.. any support is good, I really appreciate it. This is not as easy task as many tend to think..

Oh. My. God.

I hope he's going to bring a female with him to let the next generation continue the flight when he's gone. :p

Any weight over.. costs fuel.. naaahhh, no women on board ;)
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Day 15 - Ishum's Reach Again - 65,647.34Ly from Sol

And here I am again, starting soon my fourth attempt this year to beat the farthest distance from Sol.. My last attempt was not really successful for DEL-77 Rocinante, so my result is kind'a unofficial.. Maybe DEL-13 Soledad will be more lucky.. She is pretty beat up, as these last two weeks travel was really not easy.. neither for me nor for her. Still... looks like all the modules necessary for this travel are still in good enough condition not to fail.

There are at least two ships in the area continuing their attempts to beat the record. Cmdr SpallBoy has been cruising his T9 Heavy 'Exploration Station' for last couple of weeks, but there is really not much information lately about his progress.. There is also Cmdr Kenneth Mcgrew traveling his mysterious ship.. he has not shared yet any details (at least not with me) neither type nor name.. but he is confident to cross the magical limit of 65,800Ly from Sol. That would be extremely exceptional achievement for a single pilot/single ship challenge..

There is no way I could go that far with DEL-13 Soledad.. and maybe I did not spend enough time to perfect the build after the disaster of DEL-77 Rocinante.. maybe
Worst case it is going to be 2nd or 3rd result so far.. at least for a little while. And the one thing I am confident about.. this is going to be definitely my personal best result.. if successful

refueling now.. getting ready for departure

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Day 15 - Beginning of Supercruise - 65,647.34Ly from Sol

28th October 3304, 10:30PM time of Sol, DEL-13 Soledad begins her longest journey into the darkness of the cosmos.. Let's see if this time insanity is going to win with common sense.. or?

Day 32 - Never been here before - 65,739.54Ly from Sol

Just realized.. after almost 410 hours in super cruise I pushed beyond the disaster of DEL-77 Rocinante... 92.2Ly away from Ishum's Reach.. Now it's just Cmdr Spallboy and me.. and I just hope to return this time...
That's absolutely crazy. 410 hrs is almost as much as I've spent in this game in total.

Anyway, congrats! Don't fall asleep this time!

Crazy and great! I love it!

Good luck in the void, CMDR.

Congrats and good luck!

Thank you Commanders.. well, this challenge is particularly time consuming ;) For certain reasons the record is out of reach.. but at least I am already on a good path to make my personal best.. and it is going to be really interesting what would be the final result of Cmdr Spallboy in his T9

Day 42 - Final countdown - 65,787.34Ly from Sol

595 hours of super-cruising.. and now it begins.. vigil in a wilderness of mirrors.. fumes only and not too much I could do.. I just hope I'd not make any mistake at this final hour........

I thought Romeo was a dude when he got back from Sag A having had to plot each jump manually , then in 2015 ASC went 200,000LY in one trip and circumnavigated the galaxy.
If I still had your patience I would come and join you.
Eventually they will have to open up inter galaxy travel, they did not foresee our willingness to travel
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