Experienced CMDR looking for squadron

I've played on and off since pre horizons. Dabbled in PVP, Player piracy, NPC Piracy. Done a bit of Power Play, but get burned out quick by the grinds. Looking for a group to fly with that's not constrained by too great a sense of morality. Not interested in seal clubbing but enjoy interdicting newer CMDRs just to see how they react. If they do every thing wrong I try to offer advice on how to handle player interdictions, high waking etc. Primary interest is in shooting stuff. Currently operating around Sol, ranking up with the Feds to try out a Vette. Enjoy assassination missions, especially wing assassinations if I can get at least 1 other med ship pilot. Like to fly FDL, Courier, Viper. Have a Fed Gunship but just can't fall in love with it.
You're welcome to join the Wanderers of Witch Space, we're a mix of everything, although we do focus on the BGS system a lot so we always have stuff to do, we've got a active Discord, we play a lot of CQC and are currently trying to get 1st on the leaderboards and we do weekly friendly PvP events for members, we also have a special champion role in our Discord which you get by beating the current Champion in a friendly 1v1 PvP battle, all done just for a bit of fun.

Our Inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/1073/
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Hi Geirdriful,

Nova Navy only accept moral players like you to join us, I'm sure you will find common language waith us. We are heavily focus on helping Nova Imperium BGS so there will be plenty of assassination missions, and I am more than welcome that wing assassination with you. To know us better, you can join our squadron Discord.

Yours sincerely,

Hadrian Augustus Duval
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I just thought about starting a piracy squadron for PvP/PvE myself. The "Pirates of the Carebani Expanse" (Carebani is a Li Yong-Rui controlled industrial Anarchy) and I also enjoy primarily shooting (PvP, piracy (PvP and PvE) and wing assassinations). So the BGS stuff isn't my primary interest, as long as there are black markets and some anarchy :). Additionally Li Yong-Rui space is perfect for outfitting a Corvette, since it can lower the rebuy by 5-8 mil and even more if you pledge (pack hounds are also a good piracy weapon). I thought about starting the squadron to mentor players in piracy, as the reaction to the much needed A.I. upgrade of April showed, that most players don't know how one can make massive money as a pirate (enough to finance my own PvP Corvette).

Edit: Not often online at the moment, so I don't have the time for squadron stuff. Please ignore the above.
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o7, CMDR. I am a Councillor of The Resonance Fleet, we would be happy to have you among our ranks. We're not a very big group, but we're a friendly bunch :). We also have a minor faction with which we are trying to take control of our home system. If you're interested, you can join our discord server with this link: https://discord.me/rfmz
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