Experimentals for missiles?

Further to my recent thread about defences for my T9s, I decided to fit them with Packhounds, modded with rapid-fire and the Drag Munitions XFX.
The idea being that, if I get the chance, I can unload as many volleys as I can and it should, at least, give me a bit of a head-start before anybody can pursue me.

Now I'm here, at Liz Ryders, I'm wondering if there's any other XFX that might also help with this.
Specifically, do the Overload or Thermal Cascade XFX do anything especially useful?
It looks like one just makes missiles a bit better at knocking down shields and the other one just applies a bit of heat.

Would either of those cause significant problems for an attacking ship, especially in conjunction with the Drag Munitions?
Thermal cascade is crap unless you know you'll be fighting someone in a very hot running vessel.

Overload is nice if you already have drag because it's far more common to encounter shields with poor thermal resistance than poor explosive resistance. Overload also reduces the number of shots required to reliably knock out SLFs.
Drag wont stop them or even slow them down. They will boost. Eng pips dont effect boost speed so even with drag they will be coming at you full speed.

Better off hitting them with a grom bomb and waking, they wont be able to chase you untill there FSD reboots.

Or those ion mines to reboot there drives and leave them sat still. Walst you boost away, you could couple this with force shell turrets and push them away from you once you hit them with the mines.
Drag and emissive for me if I don't have another emissive source. Just in case I encounter a hulltank/hybrid.
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