Ships Exploration Loadout Advice?

DBX is one of the easiest ships to make a great explorer with minimal or no engineering. With just the guardian booster you can get 46 LY jump and with just FSD engineered you can push it to 68 LY.

It will be light and fragile so take care when getting back to bubble and around stations.
Nice build Bob,

But this highlights one of the things that bothers me about the AspX; it's lack of size 4 slots.

Even the Type-6 has 2x4 size slots after it's two biggest ones (2x5 size).

Changing a single Size 3 to a Size 4 would give a bit more flexibility with the ship I think (you can install a single 4G hangar instead of 2x2G hangars), or size 4 shields would give a nice boost to your overall durability, or you would only have to step down to a 4H Guardian FSD booster and have fantastic shields...or finally you could run it with a 4A fuel scoop and have the best of shield defense and jump range, but the poor fuel scooping of the DBX.
Tell me about the class 4 optional slot. I've been promoting it for years.
Some players think that maximum jump range comes first. I don't. If I want to go to Colonia as fast as possible I'll strip the weight of a ship out. Then with the latest FSD options light weight isn't important as it was in the past. If I'm going 60,000LYs from the bubble I'll take a well equipped engineered ship and lose 10LY jump range outfitting it. It is not about the destination but all about the journey getting there.
My favourite exploration build is the T6 - good number of slots, decent FSD range, and personally for me the view is the most important thing when exploring and I just love the all round view a T6 gives me. It's cheap as chips to buy and upgrade for the space and view you're getting, too.

But ultimately, lots of ships will do a decent job, so pick the one you most want to spend a lot of time in!

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