Newcomer / Intro Exploration questions...

Hail Commanders!

I have a question for those who may know...So far in my travels I have made 396 jumps for a total of 21,503 LYs. I have looked in the Nav panel and have checked that ALL the star types have been selected (so as not to overlook anything). In all those jumps, I have yet to ONCE come across a White Dwarf, Neutron Star, Black Hole, or any other radical stellar body. Just the KGBFOAM and then of course all the various levels of Red and Brown Dwarfs.

Is this an oddity? when I had been bouncing around the Bubble, I came across White Dwarfs regularly...Had not seen a Neutron Star or Black Hole, but the WD's were not too rare. But in all the jumps I have yet to come across them outside the Bubble.

Currently about 15K LYs from Sag A...maybe as I get closer, they will appear.

Take Care and Check Six Commanders! o7

Lakon Michael Charlie Golf signing off...
You will hit the neutron field soon, then you will be soon sick and tired of them.

Most of the galaxy is devoid of them, you have to go up or down 1 Kylie to find a thin sheet enough to use the neutron highway.
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