Guide / Tutorial Exploration Ship Build Examples

Below is a site that provides a suitable exploration build for all ships in Elite Dangerous. As many builds are personal preference the aim of this site is to demonstrate one of many exploration designs so Commanders can make informed decisions before investing time, effort and credits into a ship.

Site contains:
A base exploration build using engineers for every ship currently in game. (Maximized for Jump Range)
Two optional load-outs for each ship.
Fuel scoop refuel time calculated per jump for each ship.
Supercruise movement profile for each ship.
Materials required for each build.
Comparison charts of all ships on multiple statistics.
Links to:
Stations that sell the base build for each ship.
Guardian FSD Booster Tutorial video.
Material Trader locator.
Technology Broker Locator.

The designs do not take into account a players credit balance or which engineers they have unlocked.

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