Exploration sickness?

Some of it just comes down to doing a lot of jumping and scanning, and knowing what you're looking for in general. Or using the in-game star class filter, since the lower mass stars are less likely to have "interesting" planetary configurations. But it depends a lot on what you're after. Another option is to play tourist and visit other people's discoveries, via EDSM and the GMP.

EDIT: Some things do have useful strategies available. For instance, if you want to find Wolf-Rayet stars, the easiest method is to look for "AA-A H" systems. That is, system names that are like SectorName AA-A h..something. But all depends on what you want to do.
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I had more fun spotting interesting systems here and there before the advent of the FSS mini-game mechanic. It helped break things up nicely.

Every once in a while I'll still spot something nice though.
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