Exploration - When worlds colide



Utopian Explorers caught in the lime light? Nah. Nice one Obsidian Ant for mentioning Hypermumm the lovely Antal Utopian

This was observed by one of Utopia's explorers.


I wonder what the science is and how FD shoudl treat this kind of interaction.

More pic if interested. He observed the whole colison.
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Love seeing these stellar forge glitches. I've seen several examples of moons clipping through rings (2 personally and more posted here) but this is the first time I've seen 2 bodies clipping together.

Were they landable?
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I believe there were a couple of examples reported way back in 1.0, or something, where some gas giant planets were orbiting close to either stars or other gas giants, and getting the "merged planet" look like that. Haven't seen it reported for solid planets like these two yet.

Now that is a bonkers idea. But thanks for sharing those links. I've always assumed (and still do) that stable contact between planets and moons is impossible. It's one of the things I dislike about the currently Marvel films 'Flash Gordon' space with contact bodies all over the place.
So the collision was observed on the 3rd June? I'm actually there in that system now (awesome find, btw!) and the B and C moons are currently 0.95ls apart (with B leading ahead of C). If I've done my calculations right then the next collision will be about 133 days after that.

B orbital period (seconds): 122027.5156
C orbital period (seconds): 120757.5547
difference in period (seconds): 1269.960937
the difference is about 0.010516617 of the orbital period (about 1.4 days).
That corresponds to 3.785982074 degrees. So every orbit, the B moon moves a further 3.78 degrees ahead on its orbit relative to C.
So for B moon to go 360 degrees around relative to C would take 95.08761346 orbits, which is about 132.9 days.

So the next collision will be around October 14th?

If anyone wants to check the calculations then feel free! I may have got something wrong.


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