Explorer's Bar and Grill Visitor Log

This is the visitor's log for the Explorer's Bar and Grill! Please feel free to submit a photo and tell us how you enjoyed the service, and what we can do to better improve your experience.

Commander Heavy Johnson
Carrier Owner, Manager, Occasional Bartender
Dear Sir Heavy,
I'll shamelessly steal this idea for Rudis Ride! :)
(and am already planning a visit at The Explorer's Bar And Grill soon)
While I can't write a review, being biased as the XO of the Bar (She thirsts) I am proud to have served alongside such stalwart crew as they faced the endless dark. The sights they have seen, they'll not forget it for all the years of their lives. See it even with their eyes closed...

Thanks for this nice journey!

Very interesting from start...

...till end:

That final location especially goes well with your wonderful Tequila Sunrise.

The steaks look a bit strange, though, and what's with those stains all across the outer hull? I also was a bit distracted by screams out of the corridor with rooms 660 to 670.

But in the end the drinks are superb, the food tastes well, and the strange noise background is well suppressed by the lovely music playing througout the carrier. 10/10, would recommend.
I'm proud for being in the crew that helped moving the Bar to its position at Arm's End. Great place, great ship, great crew. I don't use alcohol so cannot make a statement regarding available drinks. But I've seen so many "who turned the light off???" guys in corridors around the canteen that there is no other options - the drinks must be awesome!

Leaving the Bar now. Will miss it for sure!

Thanks for this pleasant trip through the void.

The mood and the theme of the bar are great. The menu is varied and the assortments of alcohol are good.
The living quarters is all right. It's enough to to feel comfortable after a long session of exploration, or more likely a hard night at the bar. I have one complaint.
I can hear EVERYTHING from the room next to me.

Overall great service.
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Thanks guys for this experience! We had a great crew, a polite (albeit trigger-happy) ATC and an excellent final location! All in all an unforgettable trip, made even more so by the whispers in the dark. They still ring in my ears, even thousands of light-years away. She thirsts...
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