Extending the boundaries of known Guardian Space


A couple of months ago I posted a series of updates on my search up above the known Guardian region, centered on WREGOE MC-Z B41-6. I was looking for undiscovered Guardian sites, and I found them! Which was pretty exciting.

It's taken me almost as long to collect and present the data as it did to gather it. But the highlights are here:
And here's an inexplicably small version of the video you can see larger on my "Overview" page:

While I was putting this data together it occurred to me that those Brain Tree locations could be useful to people who are gathering Guardian blueprints and mats. So I put together an itinerary (the 'Harvest Tour') for doing that, while also collecting enough raw materials to satisfy just about anyone.

In the meantime I've continued the search. Adding new data will take a lot less time than it took to create the system that displays it: but I have some catching up to do!
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