Extra Holo-me seats.

Can we use some of the Holo-me save slots and put them in different seats on big ships? I would like to create my own characters for different roles of ships. It's lonely on the Beluga bridge. It might even encourage roleplaying commanders and YouTubers to buy more of the outfits from the store.
Sounds good. Hopefully the big update next year may lean towards some of that. I guess you need to keep your primary character as being "commander" with his/her rank status etc or are you suggesting having those others have ranks / independent skills too and thus then be able to have several characters managed more and introduced as and when, like we can with ships? If so that (I would assume) wouldn't be so easy to implement but could make it even more immersive. Personally I'd just like a primary character / commander even if we could embed other characters in our ships.
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