Newcomer / Intro F63 Condor

Hello. I've been playing for years, but I've taken a long break for the simple reason that I want to fly the Condor as my primary ship. Is this still not an option?

It's such an absolute joy to fly, I wish to spend my days just using it as a pure dogfighter.
It's still only an SLF, which means you need a mothership.

However, this doesn't mean that if your mothership don't dance you can't leave your mothership behind, in a place they'll never find, and just use the Condor for combat in most situations.
I use a heavily engineered Eagle for it. Its faster and more agile (other than yaw of the GU97) and just awesome to fly. :D
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Has at least five times the profile area and doesn't really hit much harder though!
The firepower is an issue, especially against bigger ships. The profile area doesn't bother me as much because it is also way more durable (6x more armor, 8x mroe shields than my F63) so that kinda balances out.
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