Faction Associates to give away in Colonia

My alt CMDR returns to the bubble on the 17th, but still has assorted materials to unlock the Colonia Odyssey Engineers in the inventory.
Currently I have about 16 faction associates, about 20 digital designs and possibly some recipes to donate to whomever needs them.
If you need these materials to unlock the engineers, please get in touch.

Steve 07.
Still got 16 faction associates to donate, but no recipes. They have all gone.

Logged in to my alt in Colonia if you want a meeting.

Steve 07.
I'm on my office machine, so no ED for me until I get home (forums only), which will be around 2am GMT. That's probably in the middle of the night for you, so perhaps tomorrow around this time?
I will be fast asleep when you get home as at it will be the middle of the night for me, being in the UK. Tomorrow I can log in about this time. Send me a message and I can finish whatever I am doing. Are you after any other materials?

Steve 07.
If you have an extra two to spare and our time overlaps online, before you head to the bubble, I would love to finish Baltanos. Feel free to add me.

I have been trying to get just one of these bad boys for about a week, I am begining to think I was looking in the wrong place :). I am currently in the Bubble, but could get to Colonia in 3 hours (well lets say 0600 IGT). Please save one for me! I also have a ton of other mats, so if you are short of anything, chances are I have it. I can accept charity, but much prefer barter!

Please let me know where and rougly when is convenient for you.
Well I am pleased to advise that after a few missions in Colonia, I was able to get the faction associates I needed. But a big thank you for making the offer.
Which settlement? I may have to hit that one up.

The power was off but an ebreach for the power center and one for the authorization scans let me temporarily power up the settlement and check five hab data ports without being harassed. There may be scavengers around though.
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