Fallout 76 Announced - Are you in?

Same engine, same assets - but I'm still going to get it and play the heck out of it.

Sandbox with mini-story arcs just works for me.
Rumours abound that it’s “some kind of online game” which could be an issue for me ... no objection to online play / shared worlds but it will depend a lot on implementation, gameplay, PvE vs PvP balance, etc.
Still waiting to see what it actually is, but I doubt very much it is an actual "proper" Fallout game.

I fear it will be the Fallout version of Elder Scrolls Online, which would mean we won't be seeing another real Fallout game for a decade or more, if ever (just like what happened to Elder Scrolls after ESO).
Toooo eeearrrlllyyyyyy.

Why are we gamers extremely vulnerable to getting hyped up so fast? Let's see the details, or even better, let's see the game getting launched a bit and see some reviews shant we?

Well, same assets might be a good thing. There's nothing wrong with FO4 assets. Thats a win if they were to avoid spending time on making a new engine and graphics to instead spend it on developping those details and stories. But, heard this rumor about it having some online-ish capability? That would be quiet worrying, in my opinion. Not that I wouldn't enjoy such FO game with survival theme or such, but then, thats a different game entirely and the risk is it might backfire on them for not being loyal to the fans and followers of the title to come up with an entirely different type of thing.

TLDR: Let's see the details :D
I would love a coop Fallout game.
But if it turns out all MMO'y then that would be a shame; I guess I would have to spend my FunBucks elsewhere!

I hope they make Starfield single coop too, c'mon Beths-dad make it happen :)
Maybe a crazy thought, but could it be a strategy game? Like a proper city/vault builder, not the mobile waiting game we have now. Perhaps success of Frostpunk and games in similar genre made them expand the scope of the IP?
Bought Fallout 4, and barely played it, so, nope, I'm not in.
I hated the whole "cinematic" thing with its simplified dialogue and the focus on building.
What I want out of this type of games is maximum customization of my character, being able to select as many dialogue options as possible, and having consequences for all my different choices.
FO4 didn't provide, and I don't want voice acting for my character.

Vegas was the last decent Bethesda game and it wasn't even really Bethesda's, It was Obsidian's.
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I’ll have to see, once there are more details. But the Fallout series is one of my favorites. I always have a game in progress for Fallout 4, and Fallout New Vegas, even now.
Looking forward to this but Bethesda need to up their game with regard to stability.

I know we all expect bugs and crashes in Bethesda games and we usually forgive them cos we understand that the games are especially complex and it's relatively easy to do things the game never expected when you've created such a broad, open-world, game.
Even so, F4 was especially buggy - to the point where I ended-up abandoning something like 7 out of my 10 play-throughs of it because something or other had become irredeemably broken - and they need to get their poop together.


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I am waiting for more info.

Some sources indicate that it's a survival multiplayer game (like Rust, Ark etc.) - if that's the case, I will not even bother buying it and I will be disappointed. I simply don't enjoy that type of gameplay and that's not what Fallout experience is to me personally.

But for now - just wait and see for me :)
Huh I did not expected new Fallout game this soon. F4 was great as a mod platform but as a stock Fallout experience I almost forced myself to get to the end of the story. Not holding by breath for this one especially if its MP game. Also after brilliant F New Vegas and its DLC content like Old World Blues (thanks Obsidian!) I keep getting disappointed by new F stuff. Ill pass probably.
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Just going on the rumours etc. No interest for me in a mp online fallout game. They are great crpg's, less great shooters.
Fallout 4 VR is really awesome. One of the very few REAL games for VR.

As for the 76, I'm not sure. I'll wait for the full reveal of gameplay and mechanics. I was really looking forward to the Starfield, but it seems it will be another two years before we see that. If 76 will be another Fallout game as I know and love them, then great. But if they are planning to make a "Fallout TESO", I'll probably pass.
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