Fantasticon 2019 - Are you going?

Wouldn't mind going to this, if I'm honest.. Its Just across the Irish sea, may get the trunks on lol .. Although it probably a bit late now if I'm honest 😢
I'm from the same planet, continent even, but that megameter+ is still a problem. I gotta get me an SLF that works without a mothership one day.

I'll pass this one, but hope for one in the future.
Post your Powerplay questions here and I'll ask them during beers 😆
A safer option!

OK, here they are:

Will Powerplay see development between now and 2020?

Along with Sandros proposals, there are a few other items in Powerplay that need attention (for example balancing a few less useful modules, merit decay etc). Are FD aware of them, and will they consult the players before they are changed? (to avoid problems later on).

Does FD see a future for Powerplay as the 'glue' between squadrons, carriers etc? What does FD see Powerplay as in the game, now you have a spanky new BGS?

<Depending on answers to the above> is Powerplay going to be phased out just as Galnet has been cut? Is it 'on notice' of removal internally, if so how long does it have?
When you guys get there, ask Frontier when they're going to make the Raspberry Pie, modable version of Elite Dangerous. ;)

Mostly kidding on that one. I'd rather hear about a road map for bugs fixes!
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I need to get my uh... stuff, yes, stuff - together and finally go there! I've been planning for a few years now, but it never worked out... For work and financial reasons I can only do 1 event like that in a year and Lavecon was always "the con of choice" so far :)

But! I know Dan and the team are working hard to make Fantasticon, well, fantastic, so I know I'm missing out big time. Maybe next year?
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