Newcomer / Intro Farming mats on foot in Odyssey?

Hello, I would like to buy Odyssey expansion but first I need to know if it is possible to farm ship engineering materials on foot and not only in the SRV.
Do I have to upgrade my suit to be able to store the materials or can I go to the SRV and store them if my pilot inventory is full?

Probably someone is doing this already so I would like to know how is working.

Thank you!
You can't shoot-up meteorites or outcrops nor release materials from geo and bio formations. You can't pick-up fragments. So you still need to do that in your SRV. However you can exit and reboard your SRV in Odyssey so there is not a problem really don't you think?

BTW - the Horizons engineering stuff is not used in Oddity engineering and vice-versa.

EDIT: Corrected my first sentence.
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The short answer is no, ship engineering requires different mats than on-foot engineering. You can't collect the ship mats while on foot, nor can you collect the on-foot mats while in a ship or SRV. But you can combine the activities, of course.

Ship engineering mats go into a magic bag somewhere on your CMDR. You can see them in the right panel of your ship under "Inventory"

On-foot engineering mats go into your backpack when you pick them up, and then into a magic bag on your ship or SRV. You can see those in your right panel under "Storage".

If you change ships or ride an APEX taxi, everything magically goes with you.

It's all a bit complicated and hard to manage. As usual :)
Oh ok , thanks for the answer. I thought you can jump out of your SRV and scan the data at Dav`s Hope for example because I think it would be a lot easier on foot than driving the SRV.
I will play Horizons for a while because I want to engineer some ships first. Thank I will look again at Odyssey. I am waiting for patch 6.

Thank you guys
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