Fatal Attraction DLC

Jurassic World Evolution: Fatal Attraction DLC (Confirmed Fan Concept)


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Yes I'm wondering that as well.

The name itself would suggest perhaps some new park attractions. Perhaps a different tour other than the gyrospheres? Or perhaps it's a dinosaur DLC? Something with beautiful but dangerous dinosaurs?
Screenshot from the video^


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I find it hard to believe, and what strengthened my resolve is Cabot Finch actually not wanting to make more money and questioning our methods, that's just So against his character.
I'm going to go with fake on this one... why would Dryosaurus be listed as a "micro-species" when larger specimens approach Jurassic Park raptor size?
Honestly... It has a very fake vibe to it. I'd rather not get hopes up with this one.
Especially the species profiles, they have a cheap look to it.
Well the guy in the video does point out the obvious; those species profiles use images ripped straight from Google. Hell, the image to the right in Microceratus profile comes from the Jurassic World website, and the bottom left one is the first picture you get when you search Koreaceratops... he tries to pass it off as "prototype" images .
Oh well, I'm not going to kid myself into thinking this might be a possibility since as many people already pointed out the species mentioned are as likely to be implemented as the Mosasaurus :cry: Also, concept art for lures and similar looked to me like those on JPOG and somehow I cannot see Universal not imprinting their, well, print on them. And the Cretaceous Cruise.... man, if only it could exist within these shallow ponds...

Having said that, however, I have to say that the mechanics described, the lures and everything looks a hell great and I would be willing to get it asap. Something like this would really enliven the game.
The best thing that can happen is that Frontier announces the DLC today so that all these "leaks" end once and for all. They tire me.

The Compy thing sounds very false. They can not add such small dinosaurs. As they have said above, they seem like discarded conceptual designs before the launch of the game.

The leak of Claire's DLC seems to me much more credible (I also want to believe in her because I already would have Albetosaurus).

The only thing that does not fit me are the dinos of the game's files. What's wrong with Euplocephalus? Pachyrhinosaurus? Charonosaurus? Why are the three there?
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