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Hi all,

Before I get a rep for just using the forums to rant and moan, I thought I'd get an opinion poll going.

I think a lot of the ships in game are boxy, not so nice to look at things but there are a few I really like the look of, the Imperial Clipper for one.

What are your favourite ships?

Maybe limit it to top three at the most :)
Generally it depends...
I really like the clipper for its handling and look, but it uses a large pad.
Python is an allrounder and usefull for nearly everything that comes to your mind. I love it too.
For long jumps a Krait Phantom is a very nice thing. It can hold everything you might need for long exploration trips.
The big ones are cool for bulk trading. But for an Anaconda I would like to recommend a landing computer as a helpfull tiny investment.

Because I am not involved in mining or combat I can't really give good advise therfore. Currently I use a Krait Mk II for combat, seems to be quite feasible.
Mining is not in my portfolio at all and / do not intend to be part of that current mining Gold rush. I play the game my way.

All of them are to be configured carefully for their specific purpose. Engineering will enhance significantly their specifications but its up to you to unlock
the proper engineers and to collect the needed stuff for engineering.

Fleet carriers I do not mind about them. I can't afford them now and I am not going to start a 2nd job to get one.

They're all situational for me but, as of now, whilst out in my carrier:

Phantom to explore.
Cutter to mine.

If I need combat at all, the Corvette. If 'goids show up, the Mamba is scout ready.
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Python is the King of Ships - Looks a bit dull out of the box, but with a Ship Kit and some nice Paint it can look very cool (you going to spend 75% of your time in it, so why not blow some Arx).
DBX - Love the looks, but is really only of real use as a Runabout
Vette - An invulnerable Sledgehammer. Great for impressing/depressing newbies in a CZ.
I don’t really have a favourite, but I’ll list my guilty pleasures I guess...

This ship is usually my first build when I start a new CMDR. Its jump range and modules make it perfect for unlocking engineers, collecting materials, visiting aliens....etc.

It’s like a JCB, an ungainly tool, but far too useful to ignore...

Another of the DBX’s intrigues are its rather powerful hardpoints and class 4 distributor, a large hardpoint combined with its two mediums grant the DBX near Vulture firepower if you can learn to live with its handling.

And when you’re done with her that engineered 5A FSD can be dropped straight into a number of the games most popular mid tiered ships. FDS, FAS, FGS, all alliance ships, Clipper, Python, Krait... all utilise that 5A FSD.

The Viper Mk4
This ship is locked in a very unfortunate position. Those who have flown the Viper mk3 will no doubt be disappointed with the Mk4’s speed and handling and you really can’t talk about the Viper Mk4 without comparing it to a Cobra3, it’s similarly priced and shares its core internals...

But for me the Viper4 is the definition of a diamond in the rough, and it has secrets that aren’t always apparent on a mere test flight. It’s really a multi role ship with a very bloody nose.

For a start, I’ve always loved its combination of optional internals. It now has 3 class 1 slots for a wider assortment of gadgets. The class 3 slot allows a smaller 3A shield to be fitted yet still manages to pump out more defense than a Cobra can hope to get.
On top of this is its armor. The stock Viper4 is naturally better shielded and armored than the Cobra but it gets really interesting when you upgrade...
Its military grade armor weighs just 9t because the ship is so tiny! The Cobra’s weighs 27t, more than three times heavier!!
Just this one change means an upgraded Viper4 jumps further than an upgraded Cobra. And as a cheeky bonus the Viper4 has a class 3 military slot to boot for even more tanking. It’s also a really good looking ship and sounds like a caged animal when boosting. Just minor engineering to its thrusters and it’ll break 400m/s which combined with its tiny size is more than enough to escape combat every single time...

It’s a little sod that refuses to go down without a fight...a real brawler, I just love it. You can crash it into a planet and the planet will come off worse...
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I think maybe the poll belongs in the discussion forum rather than "NEWCOMERS QUESTIONS GUIDES AND TUTORIALS"?

Buuut, going with the flow here.... My 60ly phantom is the best and only ship I'll need to satisfy my exploration itch.
The tanked out krait mk2 is my favorite (so far far) for res and CZ venues.
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For exploration, I'm really liking my new Phantom. Planning on taking it for a 60k ly trip to some blackholes soon.

For combat, my Chieftain. So tanky.

I love how both look and sound.
Despite sitting in the same cockpit for a couple of weeks, mooching about Colonia and Sag A*, I still love my Krait Phantom. Although only part engineered and lacking any Guardian bells & whistles, she's still good for a little over 52ly per jump and is definitely the ship I spend most time in.

I also like flying my Anaconda, currently outfitted as a mining ship as; even though the field of view is limited, it has the feel of flying something the size of a medium warship!
For general hoonery and fun flyin' - Eagle, Viper 3 and Viper 4 (with Sidey in honourable 4th place!).

Dunno why - Viper 4 is might be slow AF, but it's able to be way more manuverable than the Viper 3. :)
Here’s the pve one I’ve been slowly building this week...
She runs a little hot but is able to stick on things and cool off nicely with thermal vent. Considering testing out some class2 rails on her but not sure she can manage much more power draw/heat.
Such a little beast. I’d really like to wing up with some other V4’s and go smashing up a RES.
I’ll post a screenie, if my son ever gets off my Xbox... 😩
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my favourite ship is the Eagle MK II. It may not be the fastet ship (although 780+ combat fit is not slow), it is definitely not the most well armed (3 small slots only get you so far) and also hasn't the best defenses (not even for its size), but it is more maneuverable than any other ship in the game, evading a lot of fire and having a good time on target (missed shots don't need armor).

Most important, it is the most fun to fly (for me), taking down big ships while dodging their shots and firing arcs in it feels good and rewarding in it, unlike the point and wait for explosion gameplay in bigger ships.
My adorable Lakon space-brick, the Keelback. I’d love to set it up as a proper Q-ship but since everyone knows you’re not flying a T6 as soon as the see/scan that doesn’t really work...

As the independent rescue vessel DORMAN LONG she’s got military plating and MC turrets for protection while running S&R in the Pleiades, with the SLF to keep those Thargoid scouts busy while I’m sealing a damaged megaship’s hull breaches, and I’ve repaired/refuelled dozens of grateful NPCs stranded out in the black. Hardly profitable but NPC lives matter too!

She’s been in storage for a while now though while I’ve been exploring a tiny pocket of the Norma Expanse, but now I’m on the long road back to the Bubble to finish unlocking some engineering and gather some mats to continue modding my flotilla. She’s getting a big refit, with some HRP to replace the limpet controllers and a couple of rail guns because they’re a sci-fi staple and I’ve just got to give them a go! Soon to be relaunched as the armed merchantman INFANT HERACLES to join in the excitement that’s kicking off in the Bubble and Colonia.

The Keelie might not be the best at anything and downright suboptimal for a lot, but she’s gorgeous (Lakon for lyfe!) and feels like a proper space-brick. I enjoy the ‘lazy’ flight model, the wide open workman’s cockpit, and it’s the cheapest way to play about with an SLF. Early on in my game time I even threw it into a low-CZ with a couple of c1 seekers and c2 MC turrets, definitely ill-advised but bags of fun and if that doesn’t feel like piloting a proper gunboat then I don’t know what will (until someone mentions one of the Large beasts that I can’t afford just yet...).
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I've probably spent the most time in a Phantom, going out to Beagle and tooling around for a good while out there. I resisted getting a Python for a long time, and now I wonder why I didn't try one sooner. It's a very versatile ship. But my favorite looks wise have to be the Imperials, hence my constant love affair with the Imperial Cutter.

The great thing about ED is, with very few exceptions, you can do everything in the game in any ship. If you like a certain ship, fly it!
I really liked my Keelback when I had one. Glad to see someone else flying it!
I love the beast! It was the first ‘bigger’ ship I set my sights on working up to when I first got the game, as the entry-level SLF carrier. I’m keen to give a proper combat Keelie bodge-job a go, as I’ve heard it can hull tank to some extent...
from nostalgic point of view i spent a lot of time in the cobra, if memory serves i loved it and was a great little stepping stone from the sidewinder
spent most of my recent time in a python, best workhorse out there
my 1st "luxury" buy was the FDL, i wanted something simple and bullet proof to dip a toe in combat, love it

as for looks all the imperial stuff is sexy (elven like?) all the fed stuff is clenched fist beastly and all the rest is fit for purpose, i don't think there is an ugly ship?

edit: sorry type 10 is fugly
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I love the beast! It was the first ‘bigger’ ship I set my sights on working up to when I first got the game, as the entry-level SLF carrier. I’m keen to give a proper combat Keelie bodge-job a go, as I’ve heard it can hull tank to some extent...
I'm sure it could, and that SLF will definitely help in PvE combat. I hope I run into you when it's fully kitted out so I can watch the fun! I'm currently messing around with Chieftain builds. Incredibly fun bounty hunting ship. (y)

Hi all,

Before I get a rep for just using the forums to rant and moan, I thought I'd get an opinion poll going.

I think a lot of the ships in game are boxy, not so nice to look at things but there are a few I really like the look of, the Imperial Clipper for one.

What are your favourite ships?

Maybe limit it to top three at the most :)
I like all sorts of ships. I love the monstrous and boxy T9 and T10 for example, but I also like the streamlined Imperial Cutter.

The only ship I really do not like is the T7, but that is mostly because of the fact that it needs a large pad while it can only offer medium pad options.
The Imperial Clipper has the same problem. I also do not like the Donald Duck nose of the Clipper. I think it should have looked more aggressive and hawkish.

The hull design I like most is perhaps the Viper Mark 4. I think it looks awesome and sleek. In black it looks like some kind of stealthy Special Operations ship. Sadly there is no medium variant of that hull type. I hardly use small hulls ever anymore. I'd love a medium or large variant of the Viper Mark 4 hull design.

The FDL has the most sexy back side of any ship in my opinion. It is pure ship **** (dangerous word, not allowed to be seen by others).

The Cutter is definitely my Favorite Imperial design, although there are three or four things I would have liked to be different. Most importantly I think her bridge should have been placed in the center of gravity more towards the middle of the hull. I think that would have made much more sense for a fast space ship of that enormous size. It would have also made her look much less plane-like, which I prefer.

In general I think some of the ships could use a bit more refinement, like the Diamonback. They look a bit crude, a bit rough.
This is true of the space stations and planetary stations too. Just look at the blocky, unrefined look of the gun emplacements of stations for example. The last time I saw something like that must have been in an 80's game.
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