Fdev hint at space legs (Ship theft) Too soon™ - Barben video link inside

As you may know there is a ship theft story evolving on Galnet, I've heard people say what's the point?
Currently the story tells us a pilot steals a ship, it adds that he had been having vivid dreams before the 'theft'.

Now listen to David Braben and his 'vivid dream' I've bookmarked the the key moment (3:50) but is worth a watch from the beginning.

Nailed it!
I don't want other CMDR's to steal my ship but if this a hint then it's welcome. Still I prefer Atmospheric Planets first or together.

Don't forget a good option if there is to be Space legs and "ship stealing" , some things imo should be implemented, standard software security, standard hard ware security (the ability to upgrade them) and.... most important IMO is when we hire a CREW(NPC) they can stand watch of our ship as we walk around port. :)

Example what if when docked I decided to Uninstall the THRUSTers (if it was possible) then someone goes to steal it and cant even take off LOLZZ XD

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Galnet News said:
A journal maintained by Gan Romero, the technician responsible for stealing a docked vessel from a starport hangar, has been discovered.

Security Chief Misaki Sanders gave this statement from Fort Dixon:

“We have thoroughly investigated Romero’s background to establish a motive for the theft and how it was accomplished. Our only lead is a series of encrypted voice logs that he deleted shortly before the hijack.”

“Our analysts have recovered a few fragments of these recordings, which appear to have been part of a dream journal. In them, Romero makes repeated mention of seeing ‘an area of space, not black but radiant…glowing like heaven,’ and being called by ‘voices that didn’t come from anything with a body’.”

“Medical experts have proposed that Romero’s recordings, along with his recent distracted behaviour, may be symptoms of an undiagnosed dissociative disorder. If true, Romero was likely acting upon dream delusions when he stole the ship. At present, our investigation has not yielded anything more substantial.”
It is the destination not the theft

I'd keep an eye on the Codex for rumoured locations
So a storyline on Galnet kicks off and it may have something to do with the Guardians/Thargoids overarching god knows how long plot...
And everyones running around waving their hands in the air and shouting omgerdz space legs and ship stealing...
Good grief.
This is all fantasy and projection which enabled kickstarters to feel positive towards investing in the project. Do you genuinely believe any of this gameplay is feasible without a backlash, where the ship theft is concerned. It would be a griefers paradise and very costly to the victim who might have engineered their ship to the max, should it be at risk.
Well, funnily enough, David B spoke of atmospheric planets, comets, big game hunting, visible localised ship damage, a living economy, stealing ships and walking around along with other lofty game play idea's. He never mentioned engineering, powerplay, weekly server ticks or grinding for materials as being part of the grand design...
Honestly, ship theft is incredibly tough to add to ED in a way that isn't either extremely punishing to 'casuals', or extremely exploitable. If I can use insurance to get a new corvette when someone steals mine, I'll let everyone on my friendlist come and steal my corvette. :p
Good point!
Conan the Barben? :)

But seriously, I wish Braben would put more emphasis eventually keeping promises like other makers of space games like Hello Games and their No Man's Sky.

For that reason I'm all for the space legs vision which Braben explained long ago.
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If ship stealing becomes a thing then I’m done.
Sounds like an empty threat. Your going to quit playing one of the best space sims because you dislike one small feature that most likely can be avoided by playing the game in solo, common man, be honest with yourself. I think ship stealing adds a lot of new game play possibilities. Just imagine some of the funny ways it could do down. Also since ship insurance is a thing, it would probably be a mild inconvenience at most and a tense or fun interaction at best.
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Honestly, ship theft is incredibly tough to add to ED in a way that isn't either extremely punishing to 'casuals', or extremely exploitable. If I can use insurance to get a new corvette when someone steals mine, I'll let everyone on my friendlist come and steal my corvette. :p
Well yeah, sure, however, if when you steal a ship, you lose it when you next dock (or change ship...?) then it's not so much of a huge exploit. It's a temporary use of something.
I'm honestly terrified if FD ventures out on a journey to make us walk around. All the potential firepits, just look at multicrew and wings, wich allready are far, far away from stable..
My humble opinion ofcourse. If it comes, I will not use it, as I don't use wings or multicrew.

Your mention of Multicrew highlights how FD can throw development into questionable outcomes at times (eg CQC?). And even the latest new mining, basically with a clean slate to work with, is basically half baked and not working very smoothly.

We're 5yr into this game, and in truth precious little depth has been added to the mechanics... And space legs will do little more than allow FD to offer a whole new coal face with half baked shallow mechanics to work it with.
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