FDEV should give a million dollars to...


Wouldn't hurt, IMO, if FDev did try and forge some official link with sites like INARA, IDDB, Coriolis & EDSM etc.

A million dollars might be a bit excessive but I wouldn't be surprised if the people behind those sites would be satisfied with free stuff from the store, in return for their resources getting tied into the game somehow.
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The EDDB and INARA sites are integral to my E|D play. INARA, with the easy to manage update tool, makes keeping my Engineering mats and access organized. I would likely be flying sans engineering without this site.

Plus I love INARA's 'Commander' summary page. One stop shopping for all of my E|D gazing.

The one thing I would like FD to do, is to make using web based tools like EDDB and INARA more integrated into the game. A built-in web browser, sort of how the Station Services overlay looks, would do the trick.
Well yes.
I was exaggerating (just a little!) about the million but you guys did remind me.
Shout-out to EDDB and EDMC also.
In fact there are a lot of great 3rd Party apps.
Thanks to all.
I saw a post from another commander asking why we can't use are own computers in ship?

Would it be too difficult to add a Spaceweb browser to the left UI so you can access certain sites such as Inara?

I see it much like the browser in GTA with adverts for Delacy etc even a classified section for those jobs off the books etc, or maybe a cammander needs a crew.

Again so much potential.
Exactly OP and to Stealthy also. ED is made all the much better by these fabulous 3rd party tools. Often made with little or no financial help.

I'd urge anyone who uses these tools to donate - I have for EDSM and Coriolis but now I'm using Inara more I should pull my finger out and flip them some cash too.
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