This is my first all encompassing retrofitting I do, since previously I only improved one module or another, not the whole ship. Since I had to unlock most of the engineers, I don’t have enough materials for G5s everything, and I quite enjoy the results so far, except heat buildup. This is what I ended up with at the moment:

Purpose: res/cz combat, pirate hunting missions, fun.

I have no idea how to predict heat effect using coriolis, so after these frankenstein mods I ended up with a decent killer, but heat builds up quite fast. PP is overcharged, Thrusters are dirty and there are 2 incendiary mc. I attempted to install a beam with heat vent, but saw no practical benefits so far. Before I start replacing incendiary MC or retuning drives to clean, is there any other recommendation to improve termal handling while firing weapons?
Well things can abit toasty in the FDL if you add more than 2 high heat generating weapons, here you have 2x incendiary mc and then the huge beam, lose the huge beam or make it efficient might help.
I did that G3 efficient beams. I don’t understand 100% its functionality, but even while hitting the target heat will build up catastrophically quickly with the MCs. I will try to leave one incendiary and one corrosive mc and the beam, replace 2mcs with something else (maybe some hounds just for the fun of it). The ship is incredibly fun, will shred smaller ships like paper. Big ships its doable but takes some time (compared to my vette or conda). Thanks for the tip.
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