FD's lack of faith in developing VR for new headsets is disturbing.

I would that translate that to: you're lucky if it works for you ootb, we won't change anything right now | ever in this direction. We can feel lucky if they don't drop VR support altogether. Still considering the thought, I found that I had switched to the vanity cam hovering around the station to marvel at my new midnight black pj for the iEagle and realized I didn't get seasick at all. Even less so in the hangar. So FP inside rooms is possible at least, even if you're more or less a bodiless soul. DCS is much worse in this direction. And whatever CDPR may say, nobody speaks of a VR-only game like Alyx. It's an additional option more or less, but one of the key strengths of ED. And even if they didn't invest much into it, they fixed all the gamebreaker bugs in 3.3 (at least for Oculus) plus (!) rounded the commodities screen for VR this year. Completely unexpected. So there's still hope if you stick with the mainstream. Could also be contracts force them a little in this direction, don't know what Oculus would say if they sell the game in their store (they still offer it for both Rift CV1 and S) and then suddenly cancel it because of an exciting feature DLC that cancels VR too. The game still costs 50 bucks there.

As for VR, finally grabbed Subnautica during the Steam sale for IIRC 15 EUR and enjoy water worlds too now. Highly recommended.

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VR is new tech in terms of engineering, design and how it works. We're only just entering consumer phase but VR takes a whole different team of programmers and graphics engineers to make work.

VR games sales are no where near that of 2D regular flat monitor games. VR development takes more time than normal games. Elite Dangerous needs a lot of work and is already a massive game and technical master piece in many areas.We're lucky to even have working VR because Frontier could have easily shelved this like the Mac OS version.

I'm pretty satisfied with the VR state of ED.

I guess on the flip side maybe we'd have Fleet Carriers without VR support as those resources may be freed up and used elsewhere... if you read this Frontier don't do this and remove VR :-D
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