Feathered Dinosaurs and New Attractions.

I think Frontier should add feathered Dinosaurs, such as Velociraptor, Utahraptor, etc. It would not only bring us newer Dinosaurs, but you could also add it as a new Genome we would need to unlock and research.

1 Log Ride - Not too sure how it would work exactly, but it could fit anywhere from 6-12 people maybe, and you could just travel through a small river surrounded by Dinosaurs.

2.) Balloon Ride - Yes, we have monorails, but those are for getting your guests from one part to another. Having a Balloon Ride would be a fun way for your guests to visualize the park from a whole new perspective. It can fit 5 people per balloon and the "track" is unlimited in size.

3.) Petting Zoo - There was a Petting Zoo in Jurassic World the movie and I figured it would be a really cool thing to add in the video game! Your guests would pay upfront and then enter through the gates. Obviously no Carnivores but maybe limit the Herbivores. Maybe have some such as Gallimimus, Struthiomimus, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, etc. This allows you as the creator to make even more realistic parks.

Those are three new attractions I'd love to see. Feel free to reply your ideas as well!
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