Feature Focus #3 - New Wetland Requirements

Greetings Park Managers,

Our summer update will be with us soon and after the fantastic response to our other Feature Focus articles, we wanted to share some more details of some of the features you can look forward to in this upcoming free update!

In this Feature Focus we’re going to be looking at some of the improvements being introduced to our dinosaurs and the reasons behind them.

New Wetland Requirement

All dinosaur species are different and whilst their requirements are different so far, there’s even more we can do make them stand out further. With this update we’ll be looking at focusing more on the queens of our ponds and rivers with new Wetland requirement needs. We’re adding this for Spinosaurids, such as the Baryonyx and Spinosaurus.

Alongside their existing needs, your Spinosaurids will have a Wetland need that requires balancing when you build your enclosures to ensure their happiness. This change does affect dinosaurs in existing saves - so make sure that you’ve got an adequate water supply in place, or that you’ve got some very strong fencing holding them in until you do!

Fish Feeders

We all care about the dinosaurs in our parks, and they deserve a suitable diet. This is why with our summer update we’re introducing new fish feeders for your wetland dinosaurs! As part of the Wetland need, you can use Fish feeders rather than the Carnivore feeders for authentic management of your Spinosaurids. The fish feeder itself must be placed in water, and can be found in the same build menu as the existing feeders. It also blocks an area around where it is placed, to prevent any mishaps with terrain tools! There’s new eating animations too, for when the dinosaurs eat from the fish feeder. We’ve also updated the Expedition Map with a third Fish icon, just to make sure you know what you’re getting into when you go digging!

Pachycephalosauria defense improvements

It’s important to us that dinosaurs react as realistically as possible, which means making sure they can defend themselves where possible. We’re introducing improvements which will let Pachycephalosaurids defend themselves against small Theropods such as velociraptors.

For a more complete list of what’s affected, the newest contenders entering the thunderdome of dinosaur combat are Pachycephalosaurus, Stygimoloch and Dracorex. They’ll be squaring off against the Velociraptor, the Deinonychus, and the Dilophosaurus, and will also throw up fists – well, skulls – against Troodons if you own the Secrets of Dr. Wu Pack. And they’ll stand their ground against the Proceratosaurus and the Herrerasaurus, if you’re a proud owner of the Carnivore Pack.

All three of the new contenders have finishers to back up their fighting prowess, and we’ve improved the Pachycephalosaurid specific finishing animations for the small theropods they’ll be scrapping against.

Dinosaur Improvements

As part of our summer update, we are introducing a number of improvements to the dinosaurs of Jurassic World Evolution. Sauropods will no longer be panicked by large Theropods but instead remain calm against creatures that pose no threat. Dinosaurs can now be selected whilst they’re in forest, so you no longer need to wait around for them to show themselves if you want to check their details. We've also decreased the flee timers and threat radius values on our vehicles to reduce dinosaurs panicking as they drive by.

Last but not least, we're making some changes to when dinosaurs go to sleep. Previously, dinosaurs would just sleep when they were comfortable, which, if you looked after them well, could be any time of day. With the summer update they’ll have a higher chance of sleeping during the night as well!

While this was our last Feature Focus for the summer update, you'll be hearing more from us very soon...!
Hi hope i get a reply but will sucomimus eat the fish since that is family to the spino and bary also will any carnivore be able to eat from the fish feeders if want. One last thing will there be a herbivore version as it was know that some veg dinos including longnecks ate some wayer plants anyway cant waite.
Fun stuff! But still no game changers. Nothing here that couldn’t have been included in the original game dev time and budget permitting. Looks more like cut features being resurfaced. But hey, it’s been a year now and for those still around here have been satisfied enough to still be here so any bone is a good one.

Bring on the Zoo game! Free of licensing stuff so you can do a proper game that’s more inline with your core design concepts.
Looks cool, but when will you be releasing significantly larger maps because that is the main thing that prevents me and I’m sure many other players from wanting to replay this game?
.... Thanks for such an excellent job. I am happy with this game. This means that the game can be improving and evolving so it seems rather great of these times. Before you had a game and you had to tolerate what you did, period. Thank you very much for listening to the voices of your community.
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.... Gracias por tan excelente trabajo. Soy feliz con este juego. Esto significa que el juego puede ir mejorando y evolucionando así parece más bien genial de estos tiempos. Antes tenías un juego y tenías que tolerar lo que hiciste y punto. Muchas gracias por escuchar las voces de su comunidad.
I've edited your post, please post in English only on these forums.

This all sounds really great! I Hope the update will also add other decorations such as benches, recycle bins, lanterns and statues,and that it will allow herbivores to actually eat from the normal vegetation around them. That would really complete this update!
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You mentioned Baryonix and Spinosaurus, will Suchomimus and Spinoraptor be fish eaters with wetland requirements too?
Suchomimus will indeed be part of the Spinosaurid changes.
Spinoraptor will indeed now be able to eat fish and have a wetland need.
Will piscivore dinosaurs still feed from regular meat feeders?
They'll still hunt goats, visitors and other dinosaurs I'm guessing...

Can other (non-ichthyophagus) carnivores eat from fish feeders, too?
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You mentioned Baryonix and Spinosaurus, will Suchomimus and Spinoraptor be fish eaters with wetland requirements too?

Will piscivore dinosaurs still feed from regular meat feeders?
They'll still hunt goats, visitors and other dinosaurs I'm guessing...

Can other (non-ichthyophagus) carnivores eat from fish feeders, too?
I'd like to know this as well. Ceratosaurus for example should probably favour the fish feeder over the meat feeder as it's been shown that it mostly ate fish and crocs for most of the year and only ate dinosaurs occasionally.

2004 Bakker, R.T.; Bir, G.
Dinosaur crime scene investigations: theropod behavior at Como Bluff, Wyoming, and evolution of birdness
I was a little bit disappointed about the terrain tools in the first feature focus, but with the 2nd and 3rd feature focus you got me excited again. Good job. (y)
Soo excited for the peachy update! I’ve wanted this ever since I found out pachys couldn’t fight. Is the new fish feeder going to be like the carnivores feeder that they just eat from or like the goat feeder so we can have fish roaming around the rivers? Also will spinos still eat from normal feeders?
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