Feature Request: Colonization missions

I think the current mechanism of human expansion (mostly through community goals and FDEV generated bases) is a bit restrictive and not terribly interesting from the players' perspective. Despite attempts to involve the player base in the construction of new bases, I've never really felt any sense of attachment to or interest in the establishment of those bases. Consider, however, what it would feel like if you were able to help with the selection for a new base and then personally deliver the materials and personnel needed for its construction and eventual expansion. I would like to suggest a new mission type: the colonization mission.

Rather than requiring a community goal to establish a new outpost within a week (one-and-done), these colony missions could be accomplished over longer durations, possibly being spread out over many weeks, months, or possibly years. This new mission type could favorably make use of both exploration and trade based game mechanics while more directly involving individual commanders with the establishment of new bases throughout the galaxy.

So, here's how it might work. Occasionally, the BGS will determine that conditions are favorable for a small band of individuals (or a corporation or player group) to establish a small base in a new system. This event may be triggered by an accumulation of resources by a minor faction, or some other supply/demand/RNG based mechanic. At this point, a colonization mission will be offered on the mission board. The mission description will include certain conditions which must be satisfied when choosing the location for the new base. These conditions could include constraints on the location within the galaxy, type of planetary body, access to nearby resources, etc. The player will then be presented with a list of bodies that meet this criteria from their own personal database of scanned objects (finally giving us something useful to do with all of that exploration data). If the player has scanned a suitable body in the past, then they will be allowed to accept the mission and begin the delivery of cargo and passengers. Alternatively, the base selection mission could be offered separately from the initial delivery missions. In other words, a commander could sell the colonization rights to a potential location for a new base from their own personal scan database (compensation commensurate with the overall suitability of the suggested location). Thereafter, the colonists could begin offering delivery missions through the mission boards. The first to arrive at the specified location will only find a beacon, but as more deliveries are made then the size of the base will begin to grow as will the available services.

I also think it would be great if the colonists would periodically contact the commander after the base has been established. When the colony is in need of certain resources, they may decide to give first dibs on such delivery missions to the pilots who have helped them out in the past. In this way, commanders could begin to establish deeper relationships with specific bases and start to have a vested interest in seeing them grow and succeed (something beyond the current faction-based game mechanics).

I have many other ideas involving this particular game play mode, but for now I think I will leave you with this cursory overview and see what kind of discussion it generates.
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