Discussion [Feature Request] Current conflict status in FSDJump and Location ActiveStates

Can we plase get the status of a conflict (War, Civil War, Election) in the journal? I'd envisage it being added into the ActiveStates array per faction. If it's an appropriate state then have a Progress key like:

  "ActiveStates": [
      "State": "Election",
      "Progress": "$Conflict_Band3",
      "Progress_Localised": "Draw"
       "State": "Boom"
I'm not sure 'Progress' is the best key name, but 'State' is obviously already used, and 'Status' would be confusingly close to that.

This would help us use sites like INARA.CZ and EliteBGS to be sure we're correctly remembering the swing back and forth in a conflict from previous days.
It would be very useful. Much of the new features cannot be detected by the journal. Entering/winning/loosing scenarios/CZs, finer grained economic/security state slider data and status of conflict states.
That would be extremely useful for my player group (Mahon PowerPlay; we have over 1,600 systems to keep an eye on!). It was previously possible to track the progress of conflicts using crowd-sourced data and the 3rd party sites.

Although it is now possible to track conflicts for a single faction via the Squadron page, players who support multiple factions cannot take advantage of this.
This is a great idea! I'm building a "threat analysis" tool for our faction, and the one thing I can't really track is progress in conflicts. They're very important, up to the point that you have an unassailable lead, at which point you need to move on to other things.
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