Feature request: Rent a warehouse

I would like to kindly ask you for add a possibility to rent a warehouse in E: D. Mostly for cargo, but maybe for materials and data too.

How it should works? You can choice between a few warehouse spaces, e.g. small (50t), medium (200t), large (1000t) with or without corrosion resistance, then you pay some credits and you can put in your cargo. It could be based on a periodic subscription, where your account would be automatically charged after an amount of time. If you don't have enough money, you have some time to get your cargo back or to deliver funds. If you don't do that, your subscription will be automatically cancelled and your cargo will be lost.
It would also be nice if the warehouse (or the cargo only) could be transferable between the stations.

Imagine that you have gained Modular Terminals for Marco Qwent. It was a hard and frustrating work, you've sworn yourself: never again, and... you don't have permit from Sirius Corp. If you would had a warehouse, you could stored your MT. Now you have to carry these things putting yourself in danger or sell them.
Yes, yes, yes!
Lack of this feature is especially annoying when I want to change my ship for combat one. No cargo mean I have to sell cargo. And I want to keep my orbs and tablets ;)
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500 data, 1000 materials and need to sell cargo from cargo bay? No thx. GIVE ME warehouse! Preferably ED:Beyond Q1!
Yes. +1

Please, Frontier, acknowledge you've read this. Warehouses would change the game for the better in more ways than you think.
Similar mechanism already exists in the game - storing ship modules in every station where outfitting is available. Maybe some part of the code responsible for this mechanism could be used to create warehouses? It would also require to create an user interface, but it could be copied from the commodity market UI.
I would like my rent-a-warehouse next door to my rent-a-hanger,which would be below my rent-a-room. Either that or just buy them. I hope ED go back on their word about no player assets,oh wait whats that... fleet carriers! o7
I say YES to this idea!
Game environment expands continously over years while we’re forced to use our cargo holds only. Not fair.
To be honest in 3304 must exist warehouses whether you rent or buy them.
Fdev time to enable this feature ;)
good idea, we can store ships and modules so why not materials and data. instead of renting why not have, say enough storage for 1500 materials and 1500 data attached to your other assets.
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