Feature request- Ship Thievery

I had the idea of adding a new feature to the game; ship thievery. It would only be limited to being able to steal NPC ships, and you'd have to steal them by using an SRV while on a planet (Find a ship, drive underneath it, and dock as normal).

After stealing the ship, resulting in you leaving your old ship behind on a planet, (Or having your crew member return the ship to the nearest station), you could then store it, strip it down for parts and sell it, or really do whatever. However, upon death, you will be required to pay the rebuy cost of the ship. Modules can be sold without rebuy penalty. Any cargo found onboard the stolen ship will be marked "stolen", and can be sold freely at any black market, with no rebuy penalty.

Stealing a ship in a populated system (with the exception of anarchy and lawless systems) would result in a bounty. Security forces will then search for the stolen ship for a few days to a week, and afterwards, the ship will be placed on a "missing/stolen" list, where if you're scanned, will result in the security forces pursuing you until you die, or they add you to the "missing/stolen" list. You could potentially evade the police if you change the name and ID of the ship through the livery section in outfitting. The system authority won't chase you if the ship is stolen in an anarchy or lawless system.

If added, it would add another level of realism to the game, along with becoming the source of possible future missions. (IE- Go to this planet, steal this ship, return it to soandso for credits)

What do you guys think? Suggestions are welcome, as I'm still working out some of the details :D
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