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Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hello Commanders, and welcome to the first Featured Commanders thread of 2019!

This week we’ve got some questions for the fantastic…



So, who are the Hammers of Slough?
A group of friends who met through Elite Dangerous years ago, who aim to spread the love of the Sidewinder across the galaxy! We aim to always have fun and not take things too seriously, if there’s a silly event in-game we’ll be there, and in Sidewinders if possible! We’re also huge supporters of SpecialEffect.

Where are the Hammers based and does your Squadron have a motto?
We’re based in the Vesper M4 system, and our motto is “Ambitious but Rubbish”.

What is the aim of your Squadron?
We aim to always have fun, though we play all aspects of the game with varying levels of competence!

Roughly how many Commanders are in your Squadron?
There are around 50 Commanders in our Squadron at the moment.

Where are your Commanders based, and what do your active hours tend to be?
Our Commanders come from all over the world, but most of us are in the UK or Europe! As such, we're active pretty much 24/7!

Do you have a message for the community?
Have fun playing this wonderful game with your friends. We "Hammers" all met through the game several years ago, and the community and that friendship has kept us together!

How do Commanders get in touch with the Hammers of Slough?
You can get in touch with us via our;
Squadron – Hammers of Slough
Twitter – @HammersOfSlough
Website - www.hammersofslough.co.uk

Thank you to the Hammers of Slough for taking the time to talk with us! If you’d like to be interviewed as a Featured Commander, apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/yvgC2QXaECxZdq1r1
Im glad the idea of featured commanders wasnt completly forgotten.
Never give up.
Next up - Dev updates pls ;)
Hey everyone,

Thank you for this nice prominent spot Paige.
As extra info I would like to make people aware of our Hammers of Slough Sunday's were Hammer streamers stream the entire day starting with me in the late morning early afternoon than followed by Bubble, Natswright, Kateclick and ending in the US with DH397.
All our streamers can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/team/hammersofslough

We also welcome everyone into our Discord page https://discord.gg/bqrBpPe here one can also find the details to the private group where we host our events like the famous and infamous Sidewinder Demolition Derbie's and Sidewinder Sportsdays, mostly hosted by our leader of the Hammers of Slough Cmdr Angel Rose (aka Kate Russell) who also stars in her own SF novel Mostly Harmless (Written by and read* by Kate Russell) and is closely followed by D.O.R.I.S. her AI which is available to everyone from HCS Voicepacks.

The Hammers also try to join most of the community events that are hosted by FDEV or other community groups, so it might be very likely to bump into any of us at some occasion, https://discord.gg/bqrBpPe don't be shy to step up and say hi as we mostly are to shy to do it ourselves :)

See you in the void commanders!


*audio book versions and on some events only.
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Tonight's venue is the Vesper-M4 system. In a break from the background lore for this week, we're going to be talking to one of the original book authors for the game, Kate Russell of BBC Click fame. The Vesper-M4 system was placed in game as a result of her official Elite Dangerous book "Mostly Harmless", home of the player group "Hammers of Slough". Some shenanigans in Sidewinders is likely to result. The tour resumes next week with "Generation ships and Hyperspace"
https://twitch.tv/drewwagar 8pm UK (UTC+1)

See you there, Commanders!



Hammers of Slough, Hopefully you guys will be there to have fun with us.

I have to go buy a Sidewinder at Slough's Orbital in Vesper-M4 for this one.
I just read the title of the thread and it was clear as day to me; The Hammer of Sloth. And, before I notice the error, I though to myself - how cool is that, I get to have a hammer of my own!

Ah well.
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