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Hello Commanders and welcome to the tenth Featured Commanders thread of 2019! This week, we're talking to partnered Twitch streamer, long-time Elite Dangerous player and fantastic writer... Psyche!

Hello Psyche, welcome and thanks for chatting with us! Tell us, when did you find out about Elite Dangerous?
Originally, I played Frontier: First Encounters and when I heard about Elite Dangerous via the Kickstarter (though I missed it!), I started playing in late closed beta!

And what got you hooked on the game?
I wanted so badly to play a game like Frontier: First Encounters with friends, and this was the perfect opportunity. I love space, and thought of being able to explore our galaxy was amazing, since I probably won't be able to do that in real life any time soon!

It's a longing we all have! When did you start streaming Elite Dangerous?
I started streaming Elite Dangerous shortly after the game came out, although I've only been streaming full-time for just over two years. I stream Elite Dangerous at least once or twice a week, though lately much more frequently! It's one of my favourite games to create content for, mostly because of the community.

That's lovely to hear! What’s your favourite memory of playing Elite Dangerous?
I used Elite Dangerous as a means to announce my partnership on Twitch! I upgraded my Anaconda (which we lovingly nicknamed the PartnerSHIP) to have exactly as many passenger seats as the number of subscribers I had on Twitch at the time, and that was the first time I was allowed to fly the ship. I showcased it on stream as a kind of fun announcement for our community.

That's adorable, and we're honored to have been part of your announcement! You're a pretty experienced Commander, so do you have any advice for others?
Don't get too hung up on making the most credits or what you should or shouldn't do. It's super easy to get into that mindset, but in my Twitch community we jokingly talk about "most fun per hour" and I think that's the best way to go forward! Of course, if you enjoy making money, go for it!

And, are there any other Commanders you'd like to shout out?
No one will be surprised by this, but I'd like to shoutout fellow Elite streamer HelloitsKolo. I met her through the Twitch community and she's been a real inspiration to me as a streamer and as a Commander! Also, her community, the Kolony, are wonderful people, and they say your community is a reflection of you as a streamer!

I'd also like to shoutout ObsidianAnt. I met him for the first time recently, and I've always loved his content but was a bit intimidated to say hi to him. His voice shouts at me at Obsidian Orbital all the time, after all! But he was so lovely and creates amazing content around Elite.

Both brilliant choices! Is there anything you're looking forward to doing that you’d like to tell us about?
I'm going to be starting a website called Friendship Drive, which will host some guides for Elite Dangerous but also some creative content, including an in-character blog (Captain's Blog!) following the adventures of a few CMDRs!

Where can people find you online?
I stream Monday to Friday at noon GMT on Twitch. I also tweet a little too often as @PsychePlays.

Thank you for your time, Psyche! We'll see you out in the black, and over on Twitch!

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