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Hello Commanders, and welcome to the twenty-sixth Featured Commanders thread of 2019! This week we're talking to a collection of writers, editors, videographers, photographers, designers, voice actors, and artists from all over the Elite Dangerous community... it's Sagittarius Eye!


Hello Commanders, introduce yourself!

We are Sagittarius Eye, the Elite Dangerous news agency. There are over 70 of us! We are a collection of writers, editors, videographers, photographers, designers, voice actors, and artists from all over the Elite Dangerous community. We collaborate together to make the online Elite Dangerous magazine, videos, podcasts, and Breaking News feed – all by Commanders, for Commanders, and about Commanders.


How and when did you find out about Elite Dangerous?

Some of our members have been with Elite Dangerous since the Kickstarter! We welcome creative Commanders from all over the community to join our team, so we have players at a wide range of experience levels and play times. However, it wasn’t until 3303 that Commander Whitmann assembled the initial Sagittarius Eye team, and our current Chief Editor, Souvarine, joined the game as a beta backer!


What got you hooked on the game?

We all love space and science fiction and Elite Dangerous is like no other game. It gives you a living galaxy to explore completely at your own pace. The freedom, scale, depth and commitment to (mostly!) scientific accuracy really set it apart.


How long have your team been creating content around Elite Dangerous?

Our team has many content creators, including musicians, writers, designers, and artists. Some of them are new to this stuff and others started before the game even released. Many of our audio team are involved with Lave Radio, the weekly Elite Dangerous podcast. One of our editors, Allen Stroud, wrote one of the official novels when the game launched. Several of our voice actors are well-known YouTubers or professionals in their own right, like the Buur Pit. You'll also find that many of our artists are regular fixtures in the Elite Dangerous Newsletter – like CMDR's ToCoSo and BeetleJude. They are all really talented and brilliant.


What’s the best piece of content your team has created?

Wow, it's tough to decide. That’s like picking a favourite ship! The magazine will always be our ‘main event’, and we are really proud to have released 24 full-length issues, each with a fully voice-acted podcast version. To date, we have released over 250,000 words worth of magazine – that’s the equivalent of more than four novels – and nearly 50 hours of an excellent podcast.

We’re also really proud of our videos, currently headed up by the marvellous NickWeb85. We've been working on a documentary series since early 3305, and have released well over 100 popular short bulletin news broadcasts. In addition, our Breaking News team broadcast short player-driven Elite Dangerous news stories directly into more than 130 Elite community Discord servers, via our Breaking News bot.

If you could give a piece of advice to every Commander, what would it be?

Don’t fly without a rebuy - or a SAGI subscription!

Do you have any cool projects on the horizon?

This year has been really busy for us – not only did we relaunch our Breaking News feed, but we also committed to converting our entire magazine back catalogue into full voice-acted audio podcasts. For several months, we were releasing a two-hour podcast every single week! We also launched our Documentary video series: long-form, discursive videos that take a deep dive into an aspect of the game.

That’s all been a lot of work, so we decided to take a bit of a break for the latter half of the year. As of our August issue, our monthly magazine went quarterly in order to take a bit of pressure off the team. We’ve started work on the next issue, which will be released in December. We also have a new video series due out soon which the team are busily working on, which will run side-by-side with our Documentaries. You should hear more about that soon!


Are there any other Content Creators or Commanders the team would like to shout out?

Our magazine is created with the help and support of our friends SPVFA! The amazing people there are responsible for the beautiful screenshots seen in our magazine, and they really are crucial partners. The Buur Pit are also great people who we love working with, with their stunning videos.

We'd also like to shout out our teams. These guys give up heaps of their free time to create artwork, lay out the magazine, write articles, record scripts, make videos (some of whom actually get paid to do that stuff in their day jobs) for the benefit of other players. People like Eagle131, VaultsofExtoth, I Bystrov, Rosetta Stone, Zer0axis, Derell Nar, Chamarande, DMC_Rulez, Wotherspoon, Ashh, Donald Duck, P_Syren, and DasExorcist, and too many others to list. The generosity of those guys is amazing and really humbling.


Where can people find Sagittarius Eye online?

Commanders can find us on our website, which is the best place to go for all our back issues, podcasts, and Breaking News. Alongisde that, we have a YouTube channel and are also present on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for this wonderful look into Sagittarius Eye, Commanders, we can't wait to check out the next episode!

If you'd like to be our next Featured Commander, apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/yvgC2QXaECxZdq1r1
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Wow - so much colour, so much image, so much video - it seems entirely appropriate that this is by far the glossiest Featured Commanders post I've ever seen!

I shall respond in kind.

Sagittarius Eye - congratulations on being "featured" - long overdue!

Every single one of you deserves a big fat Gatsby Cheers for being awesome!

I carry every issue of your wonderful magazine with me wherever I go so I'm never short of a bloody good read and an absolute feast for the eyes!

Thank you for consistently producing a magazine who's quality and content puts most if not all professional magazines to shame!

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Sag Eye is pretty cool, but I don't read it that often. I would read it more often if their website was mobile friendly. Sadly it loads way too slow to be viable. But if I ever get the time while around my PC, I enjoy the articles.
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This magazine is one of the best things I've seen in gaming communities. Professionally edited magazine with articles written by creative minds, supplied with quality images and amazingly made computer graphics. By my eye folks creating Sagi are media professionals who sacrifice their free time to deliver us this magazine on a regular basis. I learned about Sagi while being a member of spvfa facebook photo group in last year and since I picked the first number I was amazed by the quality of the magazine.
This title isn't only to entertain the reader but also to inform on many subjects like in-depth ship review, people, politics, planets, exploration, trade and everything but also there is a lot about the game lore. A must read for every player who wants to get more Elite more from Elite ;) Also if you like the mag, besides a donation drop at their amazing rock base built a few CG's ago in system Millese and do some missions to help them expand. Cheers, cmdr Sorkvild Raven.

I listened to the latest podcast version of Sagittarius Eye, while playing ED last night. SE is so good, amazing. SE really adds to the immersion. And SE is so incredibly informative. Everyone behind SE ought to be incredibly proud of SE, such a wonderful achievement.
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