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Hello everyone, and welcome to the fifth Featured Commanders thread of 2019! This time we're talking to the gods of in-game photography, SPVFA!

Introduce yourselves!
Hello! We’re SPVFA, which stands for Stellar Photography, Videography and Fan Art.

How long has your Group existed?
Since 16th December 3303 so 1 year and 2 months!

Why did you decide to start up a Player Group?
We felt that there wasn’t an existing group really embracing galactic photography and allowing CMDRs to display their work criticism free. So, we decided to create a gallery that all CMDRs could join where photography is the focus and allegiances are left at the door!

Roughly how many Commanders are currently in your Player Group?
Currently 1711 members and growing.

Where are your Commanders based, and in which time zone are you most active?
We have members all over the world, but most of our Commanders come from the UK, Europe and the US.

What can people expect from your group? What kind of activities do you take part in?
We predominantly share our experiences by taking stunning images and sharing them with each other online. We run a weekly themed competition for fun in which the winner becomes our cover image for the week. Also, we provide all the photography for the amazing Sagittarius Eye Magazine!

What’s the coolest thing your Player Group has achieved?
The coolest thing we’ve achieved is bringing many CMDRs together to share their love of this beautiful galaxy. Also, joining Sagittarius Eye which has allowed us to give back to the community in a fantastic way.

If you could give one piece of advice to every Commander, what would it be?
Fly your own way and blaze your own trail.

Are there any other Player Groups you want to give a shout out to?
Sagittarius Eye!

Commanders can locate your group in game, but do you have a subreddit, website, twitter account?
Facebook: Elite Dangerous: Stellar Photography, Videography and Fan Art - SPVFA
Twitter: Elite Dangerous SPVFA @spvfa_datalink
Discord: Elite Dangerous SPVFA
Instagram: Elite Dangerous SPVFA (@ed_spvfa)

Thanks for chatting with us guys, if you'd like to be our next Featured Commander, apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/yvgC2QXaECxZdq1r1
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