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Every month we put four amazing Planet Coaster creators in the spotlight; each Featured Creator will have one week dedicated to them, their amazing Workshop, and other wonderful contributions to our community. This month we are talking to PixelWess89, Anigmandra, Wikz, and Uthris, who can also be found on the Planet Coaster globe!

Welcome to our lovely...

Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pixelwess89/myworkshopfiles/?appid=493340
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WesleyFabry

Tell us a little about yourself, what you study/work/do in real life.
Hayo, I’m Wesley Fabry but the most of you will know me as PixelWess89. I grew up in Belgium and live in the Netherlands since 2012. My interests are very different; I love animals, nature and travelling. Furthermore, I am very interested in the latest gadgets, web 2.0, photography and the modern way of communicating through the social media, internet, smart phones and more. I'm co-owner of an internet company specialising in sharing knowledge.

How did you get started with Planet Coaster?
When Planet Coaster was announced for the first time, I was so happy. For years I have played amusement park simulation games, but I've always hoped for a realistic one. Those days I didn't have a Windows computer, but I pre-ordered the Thrillseeker Edition. When the game came out, I immediately bought a powerful gaming PC and I started playing Planet Coaster. Until now I haven't played any scenarios, I just love the freedom of the sandbox mode.

What makes you (and your creations) stand out?
I like to make a total experience. I can spend hours working on decorating a queue that most likely nobody will see. I also love to make sure everything is right and has a story. I love to build parks with a story, experience and different areas. At every new park, I try to add more realism and to raise the level. Sometimes it's difficult, but I love that challenge.

What is your favourite feature in the game?
I'm a fan of the Display Sequencer and triggers in the game. It's not always easy, but when I get the result I had in mind, I'm always very happy.

What is your favourite creation/video you’ve ever created (so far)?
I love my parks and I guess Pixel Island is my favourite. But at the moment, I'm most proud of the Amelie's Spooktacular Show. It's a complete show made with the animatronics, billboards and Display Sequencer. However, I am currently working on my fourth park and actually this will be my favourite creation for now, it's so hard to choose.

Amelie's spooktacular show: https://youtu.be/g89UEsU71Vc

What inspires you?
I get inspiration from many things like artworks, series, movies, other players, real life parks and also buildings I see on holiday. But I have a lot of imagination :)

Tell us a little about your creative process – how long do your creations take, do you listen to music or work for hours and hours until something is perfect?
When I make something I always think how it should be in real life and what I would like to experience. I can work on the smallest things for days, but I like that. I work about 300 hours on a park, smaller creations like a coaster or ride takes 20-30 hours. When playing the game the radio or TV is on, but that doesn't get much attention. I like the background sounds of the game; it calms me down, so lovely.

If you were to dress up as a Planet Coaster mascot, which one would it be?
For sure King Coaster, especially the golden version. He sparkled so beautifully. I also like the other ones (Festive and Ghoster), so magnificent.

How do you feel about being part of the Planet Coaster community?
Happy and thankful all of the time. It's special to participate in this community, I never expected that. The best part is to share my creations and inspire others. Regularly I get nice messages from other players who are thankful that I share my work, I explain some secrets or they ask for advice. Very special and means a lot to me.

Pass on the praise: which creator do YOU admire?
I have a number of creators that I really like, but we all started small. I appreciate a lot what I see in the Workshop or on YouTube. My favourite creators are Thim_V, Sdanwolf, Shift and Mike Sheets (Brocoaster). But honestly, I would like to name more, but then the list becomes endless.
Always been an admirer of your Pixel, I hope you enjoy your week as much I will seeing what comes out :)
PixelWess - You did a really nice interview. Wonderful to learn more about our PC friends. Like all your creations in your Workshop :)
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