February Roundup!


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Hi everyone,

It's the end of the month already, which means it's time for the February round up! Grab yourself a delicious dino beverage and take a look at what's been happening this month in Jurassic World Evolution!


Frontier Xtra
Last week, we hosted the first of many Frontier Xtra streams and it was awesome! We saw a lot of familiar faces in the chat, and it was great to see so many of you there, so we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along. Don't forget, this stream will be happening on the last Friday of every month (subject to change), so if you want to see the latest community news, find out a little more about the games industry, or just chill out and have some fun, be sure to tune in!

Community Meets
There are two exciting community meets happening next month. Community Managers Will and Chanté will be going to PAX East to meet players across the whole of the Frontier community, more details can be found here. If you're not able to get to Boston, Tom_Jurassic is hosting another community meet at the Natural History Museum in London, on the 8th of March! It's sure to be a fantastic day, you'll get to meet a bunch of like-minded people including Community Manager Steggs and Assistant Producer Brendon Morgan. We can't wait to meet you! [big grin]

Community Favourites

It looks like the artists of the Jurassic World Evolution community have been hard at work this month! We've seen some incredible pieces being shared around the community, and we couldn't resist showing them off here as well.

u/ttrr811 - Spinoraptor

u/GoldenNove - Baryonyx and Suchomimus

We're suckers for a love story here at Frontier, so when we saw Reddit user u/Ishidreishon's message to their wife in her saved game, our hearts melted! <3

Creator Spotlight

We absolutely loved watching Aram Papazyan draw the Indoraptor, the finished product is amazing and it's awesome to watch the process!

Stream Highlights

We've had lots of fun on stream this month with community challenges and getting further into Secrets of Dr. Wu. One of the challenges we took on was to draw the Jurassic World logo using the pathing and terrain tools available in the game, and it didn't turn out... terribly...

Sure, it's not as good as Jurassic Unicast's effort, but we only had half an hour!

Warning - Secrets of Dr. Wu Spoilers!!
We also had a little trouble with Dr. Wu after our Spinoraptor broke out. He told us to use another dinosaur to take her out, so we decided the Stegoceratops was the girl to do it. Unfortunately we were a little impatient waiting for them to get close to each other, so we tranquilized the Stegoceratops and dropped her near the Spinoraptor... Check it out here!

Forum Topics

Update news?
We know there are a number of players within the community who are really looking forward to hearing what's coming next for the game, and we haven't given any information yet as we want to ensure what we've got is 100% accurate. All we can say for now is that the team is working hard on future Jurassic World Evolution updates, we've got a small update planned in April with more exciting things to follow later this year.

My very first Isla Nublar ever!
New forum user: ptshinderella created their first ever Isla Nublar and it looks spectacular, fantastic work!

That's all for this month! We hope you've had an awesome February like we have, we're looking forward to seeing what March holds!

Steggs :)
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Looking forward to the April update! No matter how small, some changes are certainly exciting.

p.s. Please say as part of the April update Frontier has fixed the Incubation Speed building addon to actually say "Incubation Speed" when applied to the Hammond Creation Lab rather than "Reaction Speed". I mean, it's great that my lab works are reacting to my incubation requests quickly, but I'd much rather my incubation processes is somehow sped up instead.
I'm looking forward to any update and I hope it will fix some problems with the game. Biggest hope is infinite hunger or faster incubation in sandbox. No matter what still looking forward to it.
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