February Streaming Schedule

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

Here's the livestream schedule for February, and we've looking forward to seeing you in the chat as always! Hope you can make the streams!

TUESDAY 04/02/2020 12PM UTC
Let's Play with Stephen and Chanté

TUESDAY 11/02/2020 12PM UTC
Let's Play with Chanté

TUESDAY 18/02/2020 12PM UTC
Let's Play with Paige and Chanté

TUESDAY 25/02/2020 12PM UTC
Let's Play with Paul and Chanté

Fingers crossed you'll be able to join us for more Let's Play fun!
Beginning from next month, we will be changing the schedule and structure of our lunchtime streams, which will impact Planet Coaster! Stay tuned for our next streaming schedule, which will come out next month.
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