Fed/Emp Reputation and Credit Grind in Beyond Chapter 1

So with the Skimmer Mission gold rush behind us I have been trying to look into what the best methods are for earning cash and reputation with the Federation and Empire as I do not yet have enough rank for the Corvette or the Cutter. And working with other members of my player faction we seem to be leaning toward Wing Missions. More specifically cargo missions like Source and Return and Industry Needs wing missions. Several factions in our controlled systems regularly offer these missions at anywhere between 6 to 35mil per mission. Split between 4 people, paying for an average of 1300-1900 units of cargo cuts back on buying costs and maximizes group profits. They often provide an option for a 5* rep boost which, if done for federation/imperial factions is imo the fastest way to grind rep atm while still making killer profits. With 4 people im cargo ships we averaged 20mil per mission and about 15-20 minutes per run. If anyone thinks they have a better method for rank grind in 3.2 Or of a fed system you can use this method in, please share it here.
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the answer to your dilemma requires you to let go of money, it is secondary. I own both Cutter and Corvette and it did not take long at all for me to get them. here is the secret.. and with 3.0 things just got easier!

go to a capitol system of your power (or any system with all factions under the one superpower) for empire I chose Achner (which yes is faction locked for the first few levels) where I then simply stacked all the DATA DELEVERY missions only. travel one way and deliver. this was before 3.0, now you can get even more rep per mission I believe..... if you choose so.

even with the 20,000Ls gap in travel time and being one way, it only took me less than 3 days to go from earl-duke(cutter level)

If you find a simular system but has less travel time (and possibly both ways) you could do this much faster!!

as for federation, I did Sothis-Ceos for the same thing...but it took a lot longer du to one faction. might I suggest Nanomam instead? for memory all fed factions with quite a few neighbouring systems.

hope this helps!

CMDR Jaylem o7
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