Fed rep grinding with friends, new bros welcome

Hello CMDRs, im a fairly active player and usualy fly with one other person. im looking for people interested in filling spots in a wing. we can help any new person get ships and rank FAST, want a anaconda?? or even a Federal corvette? or do you prefer the fighter style ships. what ever u want we can help you get it in a matter of a few days (depending on how active u are). right now im making 200-400m a day playing 2-4 hours, and any one can do it even in a sidewinder.

hit me up in game for a chat a ill get you on discord. happy to have new friends to make the game more enjoyable.

CMDR Muah'Dib :cool:
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Hey I added you as a friend. Couldn`t direct message you for some reason. But yeah I`d like to join up if it`s cool.
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