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Things that'll make operating with Wanted/Secretive Passengers much more easy :

- local Reputation!
You're multiple times more likely to be scanned at a place where you're Neutral as opposed to being Allied.

- Ship type
A DBX is far more likely to be scanned than i.e. an Anaconda (hidden variable tied to all Ships)

- Speed matters
Manual Docking while maintaining ~200m/sec approaching the Station makes it virtually impossible to ever get scanned, even if a Scan starts you'll pass the Slot before it can complete (passing slot = scanning Patrol NPC will abort and turn back around).
Docking Computer can work when Allied and flying a suitable Ship that doesn't draw alot of attention (i.e. Anaconda), but one can't rely on that.

- Heat Sink
Wanted Passengers onboard means you'll want at least one Heat Sink installed on the Ship. A deployed Heat Sink will require any scanning NPC to approach closer and very effectively stall a scan attempt for a short while. When used preemptively , Heat Sinks can provide a Stealth Approach and avoid Patrolling NPCs triggering an approach to scan.

- No Loitering /.Situational Awareness
When scanning i..e a Tourist Beacon or after entering Normal Space in any location, be extremely cautious of any Traffic spawning. Do immediate sample locks on all NPCs spawning to ensure it's noone possibly to scan you. Ship type very often gives this away.
When scanning a Tourist Beacon, keep the Ship moving and don't be a sitting duck. Have Ship move away from any suspicious NPCs that spawned and be ready for immediate egress when the job is done.

- The worst-case scenario : you're tasked to drop off Wanted or Secretive Passengers on a Planetary Base you have no Rep with, on a Planet with considerable Gravity
This is where stealthy approaches become mandatory, especially in slower Ships. Patrol Ships are extremely likely to pick you up from 4km already and attempt a scan.
Heat Sinks, Low-Level approach and a timed approach (inbetween the predictable Authority NPC patterns) are the key to success.
Inexperienced CMDRs should not accept Missions to such Destinations with Wanted/Secretive PAX onboard, since they can be quite difficult and easily require multiple docking attempts.
You shouldn't normally be attacked at all when approaching a station: any enemies chasing you will back off and leave when you enter the no-fire zone. Also, when you are docking and someone attacks you, permission to dock is never revoked. There is only one exception: when you are wanted. It sounds very much like security scans you, notices something they dont like. They will then revoke permission and open fire. You mention passengers: some passengers are 'illegal'. You need to sneak them in or you will be killed when detected.

Courier missions are never illegal, so you can do those safely. Always check the VIP passenger mission stats to see what they are like!
Prety much what Skippy says. Check your status & transactions panel - Should be clean (no wanted, no bounties). Choose legal missions - can use the filter on the mission board to only show legal missions if not sure. : )
Yeah my post was supposed to be ironic as well towards the shame-cult in general :)🍻

Edit: For some strange reason one of the things I really like on this planet is a vintage motorcycle with stick shift and suicide clutch. If it has manual adjustment for the ignition timing on the handlebar, I'm almost in heaven.
I, on the other side, would love to have a harley-davidson chopper bike modified to electric, with some nasty led lines in blue. Tron forever.
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