Federal Navy Auxilliary

Go to your star map, hover mouse over your current system and check that it says Allegiance: Federation. Fly to one of the stations and complete missions to factions that are allied to Federation (they have a logo with a star surrounded by orbits and a couple of planets).

Once you have enough reputation check each of those factions if they offer you a rank up mission.
Complete missions for Federation aligned factions, they are denoted by the federation logo on mission boards.

Several thousand of those will get you a Federal Corevette :)
From some of these posts it seems you may not be aware there is a manual - available here https://community.elitedangerous.com/en - it's a bit out of date but covers a lot of the basics (though not depots sadly).
This will only make sense for those old enough to have used or remember them, but the days of Wildcat BBS are over.

This 'online forum' thing is here to stay and de facto has replaced many aspects of communication, including the traditional game manual. Don't get me wrong, I like manuals but pretty much the repository of both static and transitory knowledge has shifted from 1st edition reprints of paper/digital manuals to community forums.

If you tell an older generation guy like me, and I'm only in 40s, to RTFM - I totally get it and go, oops - should have checked the manual.

Say that to my nephew's generation and it's like ....what's a game manual?

We're not quite there yet at horse and buggy stage for the game manual but pretty darn close. Modern gamers pretty much demand as rock bottom expectations an in-game tutorial system + help/popup/integrated UI for learning the game.
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