[FEDERATION] Federal Republic Command

Federal Republic Command is the PowerPlay Squadron for Zachary Hudson - President of the Federation. We are a large, very organised group, with CMDRs from across the globe, so there is always someone about to wing up with 24/7. We also accept players from other Federal Aligned groups on our Discord - there is not requirement to be part of the squadron. But you will need to be pledged to Hudson. We play in Open mode on PC and PS4 (FRCS squadron on both) and X-Box (FEDX squadron).

Whilst we are a PowerPlay focussed group, we do all activities within the game, from BGS work, missions, exploration, mining, shooting stuff (NPCs and CMDRs, Goids), and of course work towards the various goals for Hudson's Power. To be accepted into the squadron, you need to join the Discord first. (Link)
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