[FEDERATION] Federation aligned squadron looking for relaxed but active players newbie/vets

OK - Might be a long winded but want to sell the squadron honesty!!!!

I run a Federation aligned UK south west based squadron and have been playing since beta. We are looking to boost numbers to enable us to finally take control of our home system(s) and boost our minor faction influence. We are made up mostly of real life friends and have a discord that's active and can be quite offensive full of banter. We do play other games on there and some of my friends don't Elite where as others do and one or two are newbies. Our total members in the squadron is around 15 currently with 3 or 4 of us active at the moment. I am looking for people who want to join a squadron and won't leave if we go quiet for a bit because we're playing other games or busy in real life. We are not a hardcore 4-5 hours a night squadron BUT we are playing 2-4 days a week at the moment.

We need players who are both happy to play alone when we're not around but will join up for things when we are. Ideally if we get enough people active then taking breaks won't be a problem. We have a mix of long term veteran players like myself and some newbies. The thing is even though I have over 2,000 hours in Elite I do occasionally take breaks from the game to play other things.

We've lost one or two members lately because we weren't "hardcore enough" so want to sell this honesty to potential members.

As a squadron we support two minor factions but haven't had much success so looking for players who can play the BGS and help us. We do all in game activities such as combat, trading, mining and the odd community goal we do all things apart from PvP.... though open to this and Powerplay. I do have a PvP ship just never used much..... quite like the idea of alien hunting as three of us have builds/ships for this.

If you're a new player we can help you out and assist in getting engineering and guardian tech or just farming credits. Happy to teach you how to combat, how mine and do other things. I am a real Elite Dangerous bore and know so much about the game and universe having played since Elite II in the 90s.

By increasing player numbers it means when a few of us are on a break the squadron still has a presence in game.

Happy to hear from all commanders ideally Federation supporters however a potential move to new system and change to Independence my occur.

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