[FEDERATION] [LFG] Federnal Navy Intrepid Division || Recruiting Now!

A newly formed squadron, that is growing day by day!
Seeking commanders of all ranks, the Intrepid Division aims to bring together new and experienced commanders into a community of friendly and supportive members. Helping each other complete missions, sharing tips on ranking up, earning credits or exceling in combat, it is all welcome in the Intrepid Division. If you need people to hop into multi-crew or a wing with then that is more then encouraged here! Taking part in these squadron activities and helping to arrange future events will see you climb right up the hierarchy structure in no time. PvE, Private, and Open are all fine here so do not hesitate in applying :D We want to make this a fun and immersive experience so any roleplayers out there are also warmly welcomed. We can't wait for you to join us!

To apply to the squadron search 'Federal Navy Intrepid Division (FDNI)'
To join our discord server: https://discord.gg/7cJm4dq

See ya soon fellas,
FDNI Admiral GreyJedi137
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