Feedback on the new player experience 2019

I've just started playing elite dangerous. I played elite 2 back in the day, and did a fair bit of reading beforehand, so knew what I was getting into. I think it's already well known that there isn't too much handholding at the beginning, and explaining how to do things, so I guess there's not too much point going into that, other than to say it's still the case. It's not terrible, but there is a lot of scope for improvement.

In terms of introduction to the game, I'd like a little bit of help getting into character. Perhaps a cut scene of me getting my pilot's licence. Quite happy for it to be left open ended...some admin person handing it over with a "where you from? Never mind, it really doesn't matter...the training simulation booth is over there, or you can hop right in to the sidewinder the pilots federation is crazy enough to loan out to pilots. You'll probably just blow it up anyway"

The first flying lesson feels a bit odd. You're found by your instructor in a dead ship, and eventually fly back to a station, so that's fine, but as a tutorial you can access again and again it's a bit immersion breaking, and when you land it's not like you're then in your starting position. (Or perhaps you are, but I just clicked through the tutorials before starting the game, maybe that made the experience different for me.)

To end on a positive, I'm still loving it so far!

The new player experience, aside from helping more with controls, could do better helping you start your story by being more immersive.
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