Felicity Winters and the BGS

Being pledged and ranked with Felicity Winters offers from 10% up to 100% influence reward in controlled / exploited systems. How does this work with the per-player influence cap? Does it raise that cap, or does it mean a player only needs to do half the number of missions (best case scenario) to hit the cap?

I'm also curious, has anyone used PP as a tool for BGS manipulation? Is Felicity the only one who offers benefit to BGS players? I'm pledged to Felicity "just because", but I've been looking at systems in her "bubbles" to work on now that I see she offers a buff to influence.
PP BGS perks work only in that powers territory.

And no-one ever told us how they are applied. I always thought it was a multiplier on each transaction / action, so you hit your cap much sooner.

Other BGS powers I know of are Antal and Grom.
Most powers have some benefits when supporting minor factions that match their allegiance but I have never, ever detected a significant difference. I agree with Rubbernuke that the 100% influence bonus effectively means the work required to hit a certain goal is halved. How exactly that works in relation to 3.3 and post-3.3 changes, I couldn't guess.
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