[INDEPENDENT] Fellowship Galactic Expeditionary Force (Joinable Squadron & Faction on xbox)

Currently Xbox based but all welcome to join my Facebook Page

The Fellowship Galactic Expeditionary Force is situated 62Ly from Sol. The Fellowship currently have 4 Systems and 6 Stations
under our control and are looking to expand our player base.

It doesn't matter if you are just getting started within the game (l am always willing to help and advise if I can) or have many
thousands of hours, I am just looking for people who want to play their own game the way they like (if they want to).

Just because we are an in-game faction anyone wishing to join The Fellowship will not be put under any obligation drop what you
are doing to help maintain control of our systems.

Some members of The Fellowship do like to take part in a war or two, others like to Explore or Mine and some just do a bit of
everything and have access to a vast amount of game knowledge.

Eventually we will be looking at continuing to expanding our minor faction to more systems and at some point hopefully migrating
a small unit to Colonia.

Some other Fellowship activities have involved Thargoids Bashing, Organised PvP (No ganking), bounty hunting
or the good old exploration to check out the views around the Galaxy.

I am looking for relaxed, mature gamers and most be respectful to each other.

Even if it is just for chat or information join me on Facebook: Fellowship Galactic Expeditionary Force
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