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A choice. I'm happy with anyplace apart from Jameson Memorial. Charlie cannae get in there.

If you don't have any preference yourself, Then Back Enterprise might be a good place to go. We might even be able to pick a mission from there
I'd like to try that carpet bombing/dumbfire strafing again next week. Or earlier if we are all still around.

Dayrth, it looks like the game was working as intended. The installation might have been invulnerable to air attacks, but I took my SRV down there and completed the mission. I suggest next time we try we take a heap of SRVs with us. The more we can stuff in our ships the better. We use them to coax the skimmers out of hiding, and when they blow up by being caught in our own fireworks it's no great loss as we'll have plenty spare.


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...Dayrth, it looks like the game was working as intended. The installation might have been invulnerable to air attacks, but I took my SRV down there and completed the mission...
Not convinced. The mines worked on the first destroy the power relay mission we did. I wish there were some kill the skimmer missions. It would be perfect for that.
I used nothing but mines on that mission I took by mistake. I think it was a destroy the power relay on that one as well. So it must be possible to do it on some of the missions. We just got unlucky <sigh>
Fighter Club tonight. Is everyone on board with what I fancy doing?.. We'll fight over at HE PORA. For those of you who don't have imperial eagles you can pick them up at Kress Station along with your missile launchers. They even have a low gravity moon, at A7C if we want to do some fighting in the valleys

Also pick up interdictors. We'll start our fights in Supercruise. And no shields
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Not sure if I can make it but with a little luck our new member will be there.
If you see him please welcome Cmndr Hannib4l who is new to Elite but has some experience in Space Sims. As it happens he is much in need of practice with interdictions.

Getting Fighter Club going in the summer months can be a bit of a problem. Hannib4l, if it turns out to be just the two of us then we'll practice interdictions, not only trying to win the minigame, but also submitting and seeing if you can get away.

Personally I always try to win the minigame. It's the only time you are fighting against the baddies on a level playing field. Also submitting means that you could be interdicted again almost immediately. I don't mind taking the supercruise cooldown hit if I lose. Last week I lost the interdiction and paid the ultimate price <sigh>
Last week Captain Kitty and I were duelling in Imperial Eagles fitted with dumbfire missiles and no shields. It was a lot of fun. I fancied giving it a go for Fighter Club

The interdictors were just a different way of initiating a fight without the usual back-to-back countdown from three. And I thought in might be fun it there were a few of us in Supercruise

I'm just back from work. I'll get something to eat and try to get onto the game soon

meet at HE PORA. Kress Station
Stock Imperial Eagles apart from.. No shields, Dumbfires on all hardpoints, An interdictor
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