Finally ..... Triple Elite \o/

Finally reached this milestone ..... Thankyou FD, it's been a long and wonderful journey !


And thankyou, Thargoids .... without you, it would have taken a lot longer ;) .....


I started Elite Dangerous, having been inspired by Isinona videos, and was fortunate to purchase an LEP.

Having achieved the Triple (yes I know, there's other things to do, including CQC), I've been thinking it's time to put the game away for a while ..... right at the moment Isinona emerges with another inspiring video ! Oh, the irony ! 😧
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I haz triple envy.

Last night I made. "Competent." Killed two ships (one at a debris field, another following an interdiction) and still at 0% competent.

I just realised that being 0% competent makes me "Totally Incompetent."

I haz a long way to go.....

Congratz to you Lightspeed. One day I'll be right there with you. Unless old age gets me first...........
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